10 Best Apps For Adding Fonts To Pictures (Free & Paid)

10 Best Apps For Adding Fonts To Pictures (Free & Paid)

Are you eager to create a smashing social media post using the best app for font on pictures?

You may have searched the app store only to be met with hundreds of apps, with varying reviews and download counts.

No need to look further.

With all the choices out there, it can be overwhelming to downloading a bunch and try them individually.

This list has been made specifically to help with just that.

All of the apps listed here will tell you about some some things you want to know about them.

Hopefully, this will help you choose the best app for font on pictures easily.

Add Font on Pictures with These Apps


This app has well over thirty additional font options to choose from.

Moreover, it has twenty-plus color options, including a color mixer/maker to find your perfect color. 

It has all your essential positioning, shadowing, sizing, and bold/italic options.

This app also includes options for adding in shapes, backgrounds, and there is a drawing option.

It also gives you the useful option to save your work as a project.

When you begin to use this app, it opens with a background and a text box set up.

You can choose from a row of pre-made backgrounds they provide for free or upload a photo of your own.

The main save and upload buttons are in the upper part of the screen.

Your font, formatting, and others are on the bottom portion of the screen, making everything easy to access.

In the bottom portion, each of the five sections will open a wide range of formatting and design options.

Hence, making it very quick and organized for you.


Firstly, this app has six basic font styles included in the free version.

But in the upgraded version, there are twenty plus fonts you can enjoy. 

Secondly, even if it seems to have a small range of colors, but it offers a color adjuster in the three-line format.

Thirdly, it provides you with a wide range of colors for free too.

Fourthly, there is also a section where you can download more font options, for free.

Furthermore, you can also download templates to use as a background, instead of using a photo from your gallery.

Fifthly, it includes primary text effects and options, like resizing, bold/italic, shadowing, etc.

Moreover, there is also the drawing option, photo resizing, and different photo filters to use.

Sixthly, opening the app, it will begin with a photo size option and then the importing pictures option.

After you pick your photo, it will allow you to resize it, add a background color, and scale it to different dimensions.

You can then move onto your other options like:

  • Adding and designing text
  • Putting graphics, stickers
  • Drawing on the photo

The UI is a bit confusing at first glance, but it is decently easy to learn as you play around and learn the different options available.


This app includes twenty additional font options for you and the opportunity to upload the custom fonts you may have from downloading elsewhere.

There are twenty plus color options for you, along with your color wheel to make your colors.

Do not forget about your bordering, alignment, shadowing, transparency, background, and sizing options because it has those too!

This app also includes options to put your text into a balloon bubble, turn it into curved text, and new opportunities like that.

A super user-friendly app! 

Now on your main page will be your two options to either take a photo or import a picture and the opportunity to go ad-free or view other open apps.

Once you choose your photo, the app brings up all their options; like adding your text, editing your text, doing cool things with your text, and, more!

The free version does not show many ads while you are using it, I did find one, and that was only I had found, which was when I was finished with my photo.


This app is full of free downloadable options for you to use on your photos and designs.

With their basic ten plus free templates, basic color choices, and color wheel, it makes it an easy app to get what you need to be done.

It also has, of course, your basic shadowing, alignment, highlighting, stroke type, and other designing and formatting options.

While finding an upgrade price is hard, the options this app has for free makes it a great choice.

The app’s main page will bring you to create a new design option or to the option to continue one of your already saved designs.

After you decide which project you are going to work on, it pulls up all your options in an easy to access layout, making it user-friendly and simple to use.


This app includes fifty-plus font choices and twenty-plus templates for use in their free version!

It has twenty additional colors to choose from and a color adjuster in the four-line format, making it easy to get the exact color you are looking for. 

Along with those options, it also includes your essential positioning, shadowing, stroke style, and all those other formatings and design options you are looking for.

When you open this app, you will be met with a grid-style layout and your option to add a photo.

Users found this app a bit confusing.

But once you push the little pencil guy, he adds the text box for you.

He also gives you the options to write what you want and the options/tools to design it.

The user-friendliness on this one is a little tricky, but once you get used to it, it may be perfect for you.

Add Text on Photo

This app has the option to go pro for the extra cost, although during use, not many ads were seen, and there are tons of free options.

It has your basic shadowing, highlighting, adjusting, texture, transparency, resizing, intensity options, and other basic formatting options.

There are 20 plus color options for you.

Moreover, it has twenty-one standard fonts and one hundred plus bonus fonts (free).

You can find anything you are looking for here!

Included are also options to add pre-made sayings, app designers, and different designs to your photos!

When you begin to use this app, you start with a tour, beginning with your background choices.

Once you choose a background, it will show you how to add your text and a run-through of all the options you have for formatting and editing.

Now you do not need to do the tour, but it is convenient.

This app is user-friendly and has a ton of options, with little to no ads; even though they offer a pro version, you may not need it!


This app was found to be pretty much like your “get it done quick and now” type of text adding an app. 

There are some templates to choose from, such as adding your photo, cropping and resizing options, and filters for your photos.

You can also change your text background, resize the text, add shadowing, change the alignment, bold/italic, neon options, and formatting options.

Moreover, it also offers twenty-plus basic fonts, the primary colors, and borders.

In addition, they offer an ornament option that puts cool things into the words or changes them into a fresh design for you.

Opening this app will begin with the option to import photos or use templates provided by them, which then will bring you to all your text and design adding options.

The layout of this app is generally user friendly, so it can be a big help in helping you get your project done quickly.


To begin using this app, you must make a sign-in account or sign in through one of their social media options before they let you use the app.

You must sign in before using anything in this app.

It offers hundreds of free template options for you to use, along with thousands of downloadable templates.

The free version offers you twenty plus free fonts and twenty-plus paid fonts.

Moreover, it also offers the regular spacing, alignment, and formatting options included in all the previously mentioned apps.

They do provide you with some generally basic color options.

But they make up for it with their color wheel, making it so that you can find the perfect color you are looking for.

When you open this app, it brings you to the primary user homepage.

This includes a wide variety of things to chose from and go through.

Things like making an Instagram story, a poster, logos and flyers provide you with numerous options to make cool things!

Using this app can be a little tricky,.

But once you explore it and get used to it, you’ll find it fantastic for a free version! 

Upgrading the monthly pro version will give you even more incredible options as well.


This  app seems to be more based on photo editing options and not toward text options.

However, it still holds good text-adding options for users.

It includes about ten plus font options and a wide variety of color options to find the right one.

They include your text border options, shadowing, positioning, alignment, bold/italic, and other basic text editing options.

Included in their free version, they offer the user choices of stickers to add and the option to draw.

This app opens with the main page to add your photo, do a collage, or take a picture.

After choosing what to work on, the next thing to do is some editing work.

This will include your basic photo editing options, text adding and editing options, and your other fun design options.

The layout is excellent and holds a lot of options to be used, which also makes this app good is the ease of use it offers.

Finding an app that is easy to use is sometimes the best thing of all.


This app is probably one of the cheapest to go pro and ad-free with.

But it is also the most basic style of the app for adding text to your photos.

This app has twenty-plus free fonts and twenty pro font options available, if you buy pro.

It also has a variety of twenty additional color options and a color maker option, so you can get the color you are looking for easily. 

This app is also one of the easiest apps to use! 

Even with just a few options to choose from, you’ll get to have a fantastic photo with text.

Almost anybody could use this app, free or paid, and they would be able to add some great texts to their photos.

Sure it is super basic, but there is nothing wrong with basic when it does precisely what you need it to do, right?

Final Thoughts

The apps in this list have been downloaded, tested, and tried!

Using this list will make it easier for you to find an app that will work well for you.

Moreover, you will get to choose without having to download multiples apps just to find the right one.

An excellent tip when searching for an app is to check how many downloads it has.

Usually the apps with a high number of downloads are really the better ones.

Lots of people who have used those apps will also review them, so do check out the reviews to see how they work.

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