10 Best Font App Options For Ipad  (Free & Paid)

10 Best Font App Options For Ipad (Free & Paid)

When iOS 13 arrived, designers and presenters rejoiced and started to search for the best font app for iPad.

Designing has become more exciting!

It definitely made the job of designers, artists, teachers, and presenters easier and more flexible.

It allowed them to install the customized fonts in (TTF) (OTF) and (TTC) formats.

They do not have to just rely on Apple’s built-in fonts.

Now, they can customize fonts and typography.

It’s very convenient for the creators to create posters, reports, or leaflets in a variety of designs as required.

The custom fonts can be installed and applied on the compatible apps on the devices.

They can also control the fonts and use their iPad as a workstation.

It’s perfect for the presenter who prepares the slides on the desktop and presents them using the iPad.

There are font apps that provide font customization.

They support older versions of iOS.

There are also apps that require iOS 13 or above.

They use the latest, direct and secure approach and create amazing fonts.

Below are the ten options for the best font app for iPad.

1. Adobe Creative Cloud

best font app for ipad

Adobe Creative Cloud is a product of Adobe Inc.

It’s a set of applications and provides different services.

Adobe Creative Cloud now offers custom fonts for iOS 13 and iPads.

Adobe provides around 17000 fonts to its users.

1300 are free to use, and even if you are not an iCloud subscriber, you can use those free 1300 fonts.

You will just have to install the app and create login credentials.

That’s it.

Simply tap on the font you want and download it for free to your iPhone or iPad.

They will be useful to several hosts of the apps that support them.

For the other available fonts, you must have an iCloud subscription to download them.

The subscribers of Adobe Creative Cloud can also use other software to be used for:

  • Video editing
  • Photography
  • Graphic design
  • Web development

It provides a rich typographic experience.

The new fonts are just a swipe away.

You can instantly use any font enabled ISO 13.1 or later.

Choose as many as you will have options in thousands.

The best thing is that everything in the creative cloud is licensed and available for personal or commercial use.

2. AnyFont

best font app for ipad

Firstly, AnyFont allows you to install open type fonts (.otf), true type fonts (.ttf), and true type collection (.ttc) on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

Secondly, the fonts can be useful in apps, such as in keynotes, PowerPoint, word, Cricut design, Pages, and many others.

Thirdly, AnyFont is tremendously easy to use.

Moreover, it provides an FAQ and extensive introductory tutorial,.

You just have to follow those simple steps shown in the tutorial to use it.

Fourthly, it’s a fantastic typography app.

Once installed, you can avail 1000 plus fonts from it through its in-app purchase option.

Fifthly, AnyFont supports multiple languages and requires iOS 8 or later.

All iOS devices have pre-installed fonts.

But, sometimes we want more.

AnyFont fulfills that need.

Sixthly, the fonts are useful for individual presentations or any other documents.

Seventhly, Anyfont allows you to choose precisely what you wish for your submission.

Finally, it’s effortless to us.

You just have to select the font you want.

Save it to the cloud storage.

Once kept in the cloud storage, you will have to go to the file, select it, and tap the export option.

Then, choose open in the iOS menu.

Now tap “import with AnyFont in the list of apps.

Installation will start to your iOS.

You’re done!

3. iFont

best font app for ipad

Installing the creative and new fonts are relatively easy if you have installed the iFont app from the play store.

iFont allows you to install new and exciting fonts in TTF, TTC, OTF, and compressed zip file format.

The installed fonts can be used in Pages, Keynotes, MS Word, and any other app which supports customized fonts.

iFont lets you install, view, and compare typefaces, and contains individual font’s technical details.

Before installing a font through iFont, you can check the preview, by typing a message on apps provided notepad.

To get these creative fonts, you first have to transfer all those fonts you like on your iPad or iPhone.

There are several ways: you can simply copy the fonts to your Dropbox or iCloud drive.

Alternatively, you can send these fonts through email as well.

You will have simple instructions to follow to import the font from Dropbox.

If the fonts are installed in iCloud storage, then there is no need to follow additional steps.

That’s because iCloud storage is the default location.

When receiving the font through email, just make sure  that you have sent a TTF file.

Then, select the file, tap the “share” option, and then tap “copy to iFont.”

4. Fonteer

best font app for ipad

Design Luscinia founded Fonteer.

Design Luscina provides and manages multiple fonts collection.

With Fonteer you can easily browse and install google fonts on your iPad and iPhones.

It gives you the option to download the fonts using your browser or the email as well.

It’s a universal app and supports iPod, iPad, and iPhone, and requires an iOS 8.0 or latter.

Fonteer allows you to install open type fonts (.otf), true type fonts (.ttf), and it also provides support for fonts packed in compressed zip files.

Fonteer is compatible with a wide variety of apps, including Powerpoint, MS Word, Excel, Pages, Keynote, Sketchbook, and Pixelmator. 

The only thing Fonteer does not let you do is to change the font of your home screen, email, and messaging.

You will be able to install three fonts on the free version, but once upgraded, you can establish unlimited fonts.

You can simply email the font configuration file, and install the font and make it available in any application that allows system fonts.

Fonteer is an excellent tool to use when preparing presentations in different fonts.

It helps and supports an unlimited number of fonts.

Moreover, it keeps it easy and straightforward for you.

5. RightFont

best font app for ipad

RightFont is flexible and free font management for iOS.

It lets you install preview and manage fonts on iPad and iPhone.

It also supports custom fonts in true type (.ttf), open type fonts (.otf) and also true type collection (.ttc) formats.

Once fonts are installed, they will support MS Word, Excel, Keynote, Pages, Numbers, and many other apps.

RightFont can be used to install any font in your device using the storage of iCloud drive or Google Drive.

RightFont also allows you to install the fonts received via Airdrop or email.

This app has a unique feature of bulk preview for every font-family style of customized content.

You can activate or deactivate stored fonts with a single click on any location.

It Automatically syncs fonts using iCloud Drive or Google Drive.

RightFont lets you apply fonts to the TEXT layer in your design document directly from RightFont.

You will be able to use more than 7500 incredible icons directly in your design for free.

You can also access full font metadata information to know more about your font.

RightFont makes it very easy to import or export any font by just a single drag or drop.

You can also create a library of your desired font.

RightFont is specially designed for iOS.

6. Font Diner

The Font Diner is a popular and free app specializing in providing high-quality fonts for your creative projects.

For graphic designers, it provides more than 400 original typefaces for all levels.

Font Diner is compatible with iOS 13, and it comes with two sets of fonts, basic and premium, the essential collection of fonts are free.

Users can install and enjoy fonts in open type font (.otf) and right type font (.ttf) format.

But, it is recommended that while installing the fonts on your device, only invest in one font format.

Font Diner contains almost all international characters.

These include all primary 128 standard characters and complete currency characters and mathematical symbols.

All the free fonts can be downloaded by visiting the free stuff page, just click the download button and enjoy the fonts for free.

It’s good to have Font Diner when you have to prepare your designs or presentations on the run.

Font Diner makes it easier for you to be creative and innovative on the go.

You can use the free version for your personal use or enjoyment.

But, for commercial use, you will have to purchase it first before using it.

If you are using it for a non-profit or charitable organization, you can use it for free.

But, note that terms and conditions should be met.

7. Word Dream

Word Dream is a photo designing application and generates amazing fonts.

It is designed to work for iPad and iPhone.

It also provides social media sharing options.

Word Dream allows web designers to use more than 100 graphic fonts to create flyers, posters, and titles without any hassle.

Its features like multi-color mode, multi-color combination, and multiple layout styles offer to insert embedded text in the photos.

Word Dream offers quite a suitable photo editing, image cropping, scaling, photo filters, and 3D effects as well.

This application makes it very convenient for designers to create beautiful wallpapers, images, and blog posts.

It requires iOS 9.0 or later and compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

It supports vast numbers of languages such as English, Bosnian, Croatian, Danish, and many more.

Word Dream intelligently turns your words into designer text.

It provides magical color combinations to your words. 

With Word Dream, you can get and use Pixabay backgrounds free.

You can also easily share the designs on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Tumbler.

Word Dream does not generate templates.

Hence, you do not have to worry about identical styles or the text layout.

8. iFontmaker

iFontmaker is an ideal application for iPad users; users can create hand fonts using iFontmaker.

It has a specialized touch interface for iPad that allows the designer to create a hand-made typeface in minutes.

The generated designs can also be converted to.TTF format.

They are also supported in Adobe Photoshop, MS Office, and Mac OSX.

iFontmaker comes with modern features such as:

  • Support for Unicode
  • A pen- tool mode to draw shapes
  • Hand editor
  • Letter spacing
  • Kerning
  • Many more

It’s the world’s first font editor specially designed for iPad; your fonts can be ready in just 5 minutes using just your fingers.

Once you are in the app, you just need to tap the “New” button and create a project.

After that follow the simple step and select the glyph to edit and then draw it on the canvas area given in the app.

You can also set the pen’s radius and its style, by going in the phrase mode, you can test the font and set the letter spacing as well.

To edit the stroke, you will have to change the arrow tool and select the stroke.

With iFontMaker, you can just start making the fonts yourself instead of looking for the fonts.

9. A + Signature

A+ Signature is a handy typography application for iOS; it offers many services such as watermarking, photo annotation, and photo styling.

It is ideal if you want to create internet memes, design cards, and photos, add autographs, add text to photos, styling text, and many more.

With A+ Signature application, users can rotate, resize, and customize the styling photos; it also allows them to set the opacity and the color of the text.

The user can simply add text and select from 270 plus font variants, can add hand drawing, and share the photos or the design to social media as well.

You can create fun photo cards anytime easily and share them instantly with your friends or over the internet.

It protects your photos or the design with a fantastic looking watermark created from a wide variety of colors.

A+ Signature lets you annotate the pictures of your friends or family reunions in a very creative way; it’s a tool that can also be used for business purposes.

This application’s handwritten signature technology is one of the very best; it provides very smooth handwriting and drawing experience.

The annotated photos can be shared via Airdrop, email, Facebook, Twitter, or Flicker, and you can create PDF from these annotated photos.

10. Path on – Swipe to Type

Path On is an application developed by Peta vision compatible for iPhone and iPads. e.

It provides a unique idea to add the text and draw it into your photos by using just touch gestures.

It offers more than 300 fantastic font types.

A fantastic feature of this application is that it allows you to use up to 5 fonts at the same time while adding the text or the quotes, some song lyrics, or just plain words.

The application can detect the gestures; if you draw the line using your finger, the app will identify the touch, and it will display the text along the line.

The application can also identify the circle, shapes, spirals, and squares.

Your picture can have thousands of words on them wherever you want them to be, there are amazing and cool fonts to decorate your pictures by adding names, quotes, lyrics, and you can share it with your friends.

You can also create pictures for your social media accounts, business pamphlets, and many more with cool and attractive styles.

This is one of the few apps which is compatible with the older version of iOS, which is iOS 6.0 as well and can be used in iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Final Thoughts

Apple smart devices are considered very useful by designers.

They are indispensable in creating unique designs, logos, posters, and much more.

They provide modern tech and get the job done quickly.

iPhones and iPads are compatible with advanced functionality.

This makes art work flow smoothly and flexible for designers.

Aside from the professional use, these apps are fascinating tools to personally:

  • Use on your photos
  • Add  elements to your family and friends’ old photos
  • Create meme posts for your social media accounts

One can create image captions, stickers, banners, and photo effects on the go!

Do let us know which one is your favorite font app and why.

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