10 Best Fonts For Beauty Products, Brands, Blogs & Many More!

10 Best Fonts For Beauty Products, Brands, Blogs & Many More!

Finding the right logo and the best font for beauty products can be challenging.

Logo design for fashion and beauty brands depend a lot on the choice of typeface.

Many of the most influential brands in these industries use high-contrast serif fonts.

For instance, it helps to create an incredibly feminine and sexy look.

Some logos add quirky stripes or cool ligatures to create a unique look.

That is why a good logo design takes time and attention, research, and thought.

Ordering a professional typographer’s custom logo takes a lot of upfront investment.

On the contrary, it pays off in a truly unique logo.

We have listed the best font for beauty products in this article.

These fonts on the list are all customizable fonts.

These fonts are created by graphic designers that can enhance the look and feel of your brand.

In fact, it highlights the message you’re trying to convey.

These hand-picked fonts will help you bring the best finishing touches to your beauty logo design, from trendy spas to more stylish hair salons.

1. BeckMcCormick’s Hand-Lettered Fonts

best font for beauty products


Every designer needs a ready-made set of fonts to create, and that will work well together without a second thought.

You have nothing to worry about.

These hand-lettered fonts were created by Beck McCormick.

They are great for logo and brand designs, websites, crafting, wedding invitations, and more.

You will get .otf, .ttf, and web fonts for:

  • Spring Market – The absolute bestseller, farmhouse rustic serif font.
  • Farmhouse country –  a beautifully textured brush script and a simple rustic font.
  • Barcelona Nights – This multifunctional luxury brand font
  • Salt & Sea – gorgeous calligraphic font with long flowing strokes is perfect for wedding invitations.
  • Auttie – The cutest little heart calligraphy font, perfect for creating new projects
  • Magnolia plantation – A wonderful duo of rustic fonts 
  • Sea Breeze – Simple flowing italic font.
  • Souls Wyld – An insanely fantastic blend of beautiful, varied corporate lettering 
  • Blossomberry – Easy beautiful calligraphy font with strokes
  • Fall Ember – A stunning, nifty everyday calligraphy font 
  • Angeleno – Stylish brush script 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Has fonts that pair well together without a second thought
  • Perfect for logo and brand design
  • Contains nine different fonts


2. Amsterdam 9

best font for beauty productsDOWNLOAD NOW

If you need a handwritten font style signature, we present you the Amsterdam Font.

It is developed and distributed by Lettersiro.

The Amsterdam font is a simple and stylish typeface that has :

  • 9 elegant variations
  • OpenType features such as stylistic variations
  • Start and end shapes
  • Ligatures

It’s a charming font type based on real handwriting with a calligraphy pen.

And so, its sleek marker design gives it a unique personality that is the perfect choice for your logo.

The designers keep the font elegant, classy, readable, catchy, and easy to use.

Created by combining various alternatives, Amsterdam is composed of flowing, curved letters, each one unique.

Try it with trendy design or wedding themes to complete your latest designs.

As a matter of fact, it includes multilingual support and alternate glyphs for more options.

Amsterdam Font is an excellent choice for photo watermarks, signature, or logo designs for signatures.

You can use it even in quotes, album cover, business card, and many other design projects.

From business cards to watermarks, Amsterdam is here to take your work to the highest level.

Variations of Amsterdam will make you smile and delight.

Just choose the option you like among the best font for beauty products.

Pros & Benefits:

  • A simple and stylish font with 9 elegant variations
  • Classy, readable, catchy, and easy to use
  • Includes multilingual support and alternate glyphs
  • Perfect for photo watermarks, signature or logo designs, etc.


3. Jelytta

best font for beauty productsDOWNLOAD NOW

Jelytta is an elegant and fashionable script font designed by the Creatype Studio.

The word means the beauty of a woman.

Inspired by women’s beauty with all their softness, this font makes this typeface sophisticated, stylish, elegant with a soft curve.

It’s a pen-style script font with an elegant yet casual design that resembles handwriting.

Jelytta is intentionally created with a unique alternative to look like a signature.

Your project will look amazing and awesome.

Jelytta is perfect for photos, watermarks, social media posts, advertisements, logos and branding, invitations, product designs, labels, or anything that requires handwriting.

It supports most Latin languages.

This font can add a level of class and sophistication to your logo to make it stand out.

Create stunning text images or logos with different colors and hundreds of text effects.

Pros & Benefits:

  • An elegant and fashionable font
  • Sophisticated, stylish, elegant with a soft curve
  • Perfect for photos, watermarks, social media posts, advertisements, etc.
  • Supports most Latin languages


4. Beauty Style

best font for beauty productsDOWNLOAD NOW

Beauty Style is a deluxe typeface duo that includes a signature typeface and a sans serif typeface.

Its scripts include 12 alternatives and 56 ligatures.

Added programming to scripts for fluidity and elegance.

Use Beauty Style for a sophisticated design by Cindy Kinash.

This set includes all capital letters, condensed sans, and OpenType.

Furthermore, it has standard ligatures, extended Latin Pro, form style, 12 alternatives, and 56 ligatures.

Pre-programmed ligature function for optimization.

Each time you enter certain pairs, the ligatures are programmed to pop up to avoid conflicts between letter pairs.

Programming ligatures gives the script a more elegant and beautiful look.

Be sure to enable the feature in your preferred program that supports ligatures such as:

  • 52 free words useful for beauty and sales promotion
  • Examples of keywords.
  • Use for beauty, fashion, newsletters, websites, magazines, sales, advertising, and packaging.

Add your script to the grotesque for a cool retro effect.

There are so many fun and creative possibilities.

Just adjust the font to your needs and have fun.

Use Beauty and Style for type art, cosmetic marketing, fashion, apparel, product design, music, websites, promotions, and movies.

Pros & Benefits:

  • A duo that includes a script and a serif
  • Includes 12 alternatives and 56 ligatures
  • All capital letters, condensed sans, and OpenType
  • Common ligatures, extended Latin Pro, form style, etc.
  • Perfect for beauty, fashion, newsletters, websites, magazines, sales, advertising, and packaging


5. Lemon Jelly

best font for beauty productsDOWNLOAD NOW

Lemon Jelly is a handwritten script font developed by Billy Argel.

It is the perfect font for all your fun designs which adds a certain rhythm and style.

Lemon Jelly is perfect for logos, apparel designs, letterheads, and more.

It is designed to deliver a loud, proud, and carefree message with its looks.

You can use this font for every business that includes personal charm.

This font is perfect for web designers, interior decorators, makeup companies.

Similarly, you can also use it for social media posts since it gives such a personal touch.

This hand-drawn script font also has a wide range of alternate styles for ligatures and arbitrary ligatures.

These features will allow you to create custom design projects like lettering or handcrafted typography instantly.

Lemon Jelly is also perfect for branding projects, product packaging, or simply as a stylish text overlay on any background image.

It supports a total of 67 languages.

It’s a beautiful hand-lettered font whose design gives it incredible versatility.

If you want your label for a beauty product to express individuality and style, this is the right font for your business.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Adds a dose of rhythm and style
  • Ideal for making logos, apparel designs, letterheads, etc.
  • Perfect for web designers, interior decorator, and especially makeup companies
  • Includes a wide range of alternate styles for ligatures
  • Supports a total of 67 languages


6. Beauty Mountains

best font for beauty productsDOWNLOAD NOW

Beauty Mountains is a letter typeface created by Billy Argel in 2018.

It’s a feminine calligraphy font with rough stripes that will bring a natural and casual touch to your designs.

It also features a high contrast ratio, making it perfectly readable.

Beauty Mountains has such unique shapes and a playful aesthetic.

It is available in .otf and .ttf formats.

You can use this script font for wedding invitations, greeting card designs, and logos.

Beauty Mountains is licensed as a free non-commercial software, which means free use for personal use only.

You need to purchase a license or contact Billy Argelif you want to use this commercially.

Beauty Mountains is a different high-quality font designed by Billy Argel and available for free download and personal use.

It is a fun and energetic typeface with multilingual support.

Furthermore, it contains all basic and most extended Latin characters.

The free version contains all upper and lowercase letters as well as a few special characters.

It supports 67 Latin-based languages from Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Brings a natural and casual touch to your designs
  • It has unique shapes and a playful aesthetic, but it is still perfectly readable
  • Free for personal use
  • Supports 67 Latin-based languages


7. Beautiful People

best font for beauty productsDOWNLOAD NOW

The Beautiful People font is one of the popular scripting fonts.

It is an italic, bold font.

This font is available for free online use.

Although this font looks like Billy Argel’s calligraphy, written in a script font, the Beautiful People font has 274 characters.

This font has a royal feel.

Since 2018, the Beautiful People font has been available online.

Author Billy Argel retains all copyrights.

Downloading Beautiful People is 100% free.

This font has no use restrictions.

Beautiful People can be used in a brochure, flyer, logo, and more.

You can also use short titles in highlighted text, especially for certifications, reviews, etc.

It supports various languages: Afrikaans, Albanian, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, and many more.

Pros & Benefits:

  • A written script font that has 274 characters
  • It has a royal feel
  • Completely free for personal use
  • Perfect for brochures, flyers, beauty products logos, etc.
  • Supports various languages


8. Guess


Guess is a versatile, connecting script designed to convey elegance and style.

It’s slim, feminine, and friendly, not to mention sexy.

With beautiful swoops and hinges, Guess will be right at home on packaging, branding, invitations, or even as a headline in your next post! 

It has so many possibilities.

Guess is excellent for fashion brands, e-commerce brands, trend blogs, or any business that wants to look stylish and chic.

The font is perfect for high-quality logos and magazine titles.

Besides, this typeface is perfect for greeting cards, invitations, posters, advertisements, and various web pages.

When it comes to the character set, Guess has quite a few (2500+ glyphs).

Think of multiple languages and tons of flourishes and stylistic alternatives to unleash your creativity.

For all pragmatists, there is also a basic version of the typeface with an extended set of Latin glyphs.

Finally, Guess comes with a neat geometric font without capital letters.

It is a great addition to the script and a set of beautiful ornaments and borders that perfectly complement the whole look.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Designed to convey elegance and style
  • Great for fashion brands, e-commerce brands, trend blogs, etc.
  • Contains over 2500 glyphs
  • Comes with a sans type font


9. Cassandra


Cassandra is a handwritten font designed by Billy Argel.

It is a Geometric Cursive font with a bold typeface.

A vibrant vertical typeface based on sharp nib letters.

In its default settings, Cassandra is readable enough to use it in smaller sizes – in short blocks of body text, and it can easily mimic beautiful handwriting.

Alternatives to each letter plus dozens of ligatures convincingly demonstrate human variation.

If you are looking for a very aesthetic font, Cassandra is the right choice for you.

You can use it everywhere, from logos to business cards and posters.

There is no confusion about using this font.

That is why many script-type fonts are very complex.

The design of the Cassandra typeface is so simple that it can be used in any field.

Posters, banners, flyers, web designs are always suitable for this font.

Version 1.0 of the font is currently available.

It is completely free for personal use.

Contact the designer if you intend to use it commercially.

Pros & Benefits:

  • An aesthetic font that you can use everywhere
  • Easier to navigate than other script fonts
  • Completely free for personal use


10. Blackberry Jam


Blackberry Jam is a free personal font designed by Billy Argel.

It is gorgeous and adventurous at the same time, with its elegant curls.

It’s a bright and cheerful font with slightly dense characters and a measured rhythm.

Evidently focuses on variety, versatility, beauty, and practicality.

You can use this elegant, calligraphy-style script font for any art-related business or anything that requires a soft touch.

This font is ideal for flower shops, cake shops, or even graphic designers.

It includes plenty of ligatures and a full set of lowercase substitutions to make your text more realistic.

This font is best used for branding, wedding invitations, and cards.

As well as headers, signatures, product packaging, logos, stickers, and more.

Of course, Blackberry Jam is best to use in your projects of making a brand of your beauty products.

Also, it supports English and other major European languages.

Blackberry Jam is a Script type font used on any device such as PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

If you want your logo to look stylish but still neat and professional, Blackberry Jam is the right font for you.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Elegant, gorgeous, and adventurous font
  • Bright and cheerful with a measured rhythm
  • Perfect for quotes, but also beauty products
  • Plenty of ligatures and lowercase substitutions
  • Supports major European languages


Final Thoughts

In saturated markets, it can be challenging to stand out from the crowd.

Nonetheless, choosing a font and brand is vital.

This sector has an opportunity to separate itself from the ubiquitous faces and differentiate itself from the competition.

Using regular, widely used typefaces will no longer help.

The logos of the leading cosmetics brands will need a personalized artistic touch.

Investing in customizable typography can make good business sense.

Moreover, it also brings more font variety to your work.

It also helps you understand fonts better and create unique logo designs for beauty blogs or brands.

In my opinion, the best font for beauty products is Guess.

Since this font showcases its elegant look but yet perfect readability.

But, of course, it’s up to you to choose the best font for beauty products.

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