<h1>10 Best Fonts For Consulting Logos</h1>

10 Best Fonts For Consulting Logos

Using the best font for consulting logo can be a beacon for a potential client.

Consulting specialists work with large brands and business representatives in different levels.

Accordingly, they must have an impeccable business reputation.

Correctly selected font and other elements of the identity allow you to form it.

The right font for the consulting company logo can send the client the notion of that he will have professional support, confidence, and peace of mind.

When choosing a font, you must take into account the history and characteristics of your company as well as the scope of the future logo.

You should also remember that your logo design should remain relevant for more than one year.

Today we will help you to find the right one from this list of options for best font for consulting logo.

1. Ariona

best font for consulting logo


Kristy Hatswell Fonts & Graphics designed Ariona in Australia.

Ariona is a Sans Serif font that is exquisite, stylish, professional-looking, and very diversified.

This font would specifically be suitable for your projects such as company branding and logos.

While being such elegant and diversified, it suits perfectly for wedding invitations.

At the same time, Ariona is versatile and will be appropriate in almost any design.

You can play with this font endlessly.

Ariona’s fonts are classic ones, which are characterized by respect, reliability, a feeling of pleasant comfort in the reader, and loyalty to traditions.

This Sans Serif font comes in three weights, Light, Regular, and Bold.

The font also looks great on any business-related website and, for example, on new technology blogs.

Even if your site is not about computing, you can use this font to provide instructions, examples, or show typescript.

Its font letters are the same width for each character, so they always take up the same space on the page.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Elegant and professional design
  • Suites for company branding 
  • Perfect for wedding invitations 


2. Greycliff

best font for consulting logo


Connary Fagen designed Greycliff in Utah. 

Greycliff is a font that suits almost everything.

It is a versatile main font that looks great in thin weights, is very usable, and can decorate any web page. 

Greycliff would suit really well for companies who would like to show their professionalism and innovations.

Like any other versatile font, it allows you to experiment with stroke weight so you can decrease or increase its contrast.

This font works well for corporate sites or portfolio sites where it is important to draw attention to the headline.

It supports Latin and Cyrillic alphabets and contains nine weights and obliques. 

This is a font that lacks Serifs and more rounded letters, so it looks modern, innovative, neat, and designed to convey passion and professionalism.

Greycliff has friendly, but precise, strong letters that make it look great on mobile apps, as body copy, and in logos.

It is available in 4 different styles: Light, Regular, Bold, and Black.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Perfectly balanced font
  • All future updates
  • Smooth and architectural


3. Connect

best font for consulting logo


Arbuzu from Russian Federation designed Connect.

Connect is a minimalistic and architectural font for logos.

It suits perfectly for minimalistic logos and for creating word-marks, titles, and tag-lines.

The font is very readable and the heading literally jumps into the eyes, so it is recommended for use when you need to create an emotionally rich heading.

It is so balanced that it can be used well throughout the page and not only in the headings.

The font contains three options of Latin letters and extra characters with punctuations.

It is a font that allows designers to convey the true essence of an object.

Balance, symmetry, and perfectionism are also important characteristics that primarily make the font aesthetically pleasing and easy to understand.

While pattern repetition and geometric shapes help further simplify the design.

At first sight, it might seem like achieving minimalism in font design is easy.

In fact, it is the laborious art of showing more for less.

Minimalism requires good skills, great attention to detail, and artistic vision.

Connect helps you achieve that minimalistic design you want for your logo.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Perfect for minimalistic logos
  • Suits for wordmarks, titles, and tag-lines
  • Architectural design


4. Work Sans

best font for consulting logo DOWNLOAD NOW 

Wei Huang from Australia designed Work Sans.

Work Sans has 10 weights optimized for on-screen medium-sized text usage.

It perfectly works well with prints.

Surprisingly, this humble font looks great in thin weights.

Low contrast does not interfere with the readability of the title.

Work Sans might seem overly aggressive, but this can be easily avoided by lowering the contrast.

The gray font looks very good, especially if the line spacing is slightly increased.

The headline in dark gray looks very balanced and works well with the rest of the design.

If your website needs a Sans Serif font, then Work Sans is one of the best options.

It looks pretty in all sizes, and you can always experiment with stroke width.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • 10 weights
  • Optimized for on on-screen medium-sized text usage
  • All future updates


5. Nunito

best font for consulting logo


Vernon Adams from Cyreal designed the font Nunito.

Nunito is a perfectly balanced Sans Serif with rounded terminals. 

This font was designed mostly as a display font but could be usable as a text font that suits perfectly for ads.

Nunito contains two versions of fonts with rounded and unrounded terminals and a full set of weights.

For outdoor advertising, bold large fonts are suitable that are easy to read and contrast with the background.

The characteristics that set Sans Serif fonts apart is that they are almost always “mono-height”.

This means that there is no thick or thin transition in the strokes.

They have the same thickness around the entire perimeter. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Two versions of Sans Serif
  • Perfect for the display font
  • Full set of weights


6. Rubik

best font for consulting logo


Philip Hubert and Sebastian Fischer created Rubik especially for the Chrome Cube Lab, a Google project.

Rubik is a slightly curved corner font family with Roman and Italic style.

It is simultaneously expressive, graceful, and simple.

It is neutral and well suited for both business texts and lifestyle topics. 

The font is also contrasting enough so as not to dissolve against a light background; even voluminous texts remain readable.

It would be perfect for hospital logos to show their softness and kindness.

The font contains 5 weights and has a monospaced variation of the Black Roman design.

As conceived by the designers, each letter should fit perfectly into one window of the Rubik’s cube, if ever needed.

Rubik is distinguished at the same time by slender rigor due to contrast and delicacy due to rounded smooth shapes. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Contains 5 weights
  • Soft and kind
  • Lightly rounded corners


7. Nexa

best font for consulting logo


Fontfabric designed this next font called Nexa.

Nexa is a futuristic and geometrical style font.

It is more than others based on geometric shapes: “O” is a perfect circle, and “M” and “N” are created from a combination of triangles.

Nexa is perfect for modern technology and space theme, movie logo.

It can also be useful for formal text or science companies.

Geometric fonts are commonly used in print titles but are also suitable for mobile and desktop design projects.

Experts have traced the rise of geometric fonts at the Bauhaus School, a German art school that operated from 1919 to 1933.

It is no coincidence that Nexa is one of the most famous geometric fonts, created by Fontfabric, a designer company heavily influenced by the Bauhaus movement.

One of the key tenets of the Bauhaus teachings was to focus as much as possible on simplicity and functionality rather than jewelry.

Nexa is a stylish combination of precise metallic shapes and refined elegance.

The font is optimized for longer texts.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Futuristic design
  • Geometrical style font
  • All future updates


8. Proxima Nova

best font for consulting logo


Mark Simonson Studio designed the font Proxima Nova.

Proxima Nova is a hybrid of combination humanistic proportions with a geometric appearance.

This font is mostly used in the design of advertising for industrial products, technologies, and public service announcements.

Lightness and simplicity are inappropriate here as these fonts are designed to tune a person to the seriousness of the information provided.

They create an impression of importance and authority, therefore, they are designed to attract business partners and investors.

Proxima Nova contains 7 weights and has extended language and currency support.

If the font size is large enough, the font loses weight, but this can be easily changed by reducing the space between characters.

A slightly condensed headline will make it easier to read.

Proxima Nova is perfect for business heading.

The font is not the easiest one, but it has its own face and its own energy.

Stylistically, Proxima Nova bridges the gap between typefaces like Futura and classic Sans Serif garnishes.

The result is a hybrid that combines humanistic proportions with a somewhat geometric appearance.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Perfect for journals or blog posts
  • Extended language and currency support
  • 7 weights
  • All future updates


9. Fnord

best font for consulting logo


Paulo Goode from Ireland designed Fnord.

Fnord’s design is clean and soft with a bit of rebelliousness to make it even more unique. 

This is another playful and sophisticated font option for modern projects.

It is perfect for book materials, presentations, and social media ads. 

Fnord is a Serif font that contains 5 weights and has a full European character set..

Most often, Serif fonts work well for large blocks of text.

Thanks to dashes, the letters are more different from each other and it is easier for us to recognize the text, which means that we can read it faster.

Serif fonts look good in books, newspapers, magazines, and on the Internet, especially where there is a lot of text like in blogs and articles.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Excellent for book covers
  • Contains 5 weights
  • Highly versatile


10. Acumin Pro

best font for consulting logo


The well-regarded Robert Slimbach designed Acumin Pro.

Acumin Pro has a clean, modern look that is a great choice for infographics, way-finding systems, branding, and other contemporary designs. 

This font is flexible, perfect for companies in the world of fashion and beauty.

Acumin Pro is a Sans Serif font that has a balanced and rational quality and performs beautifully at display sizes.

Because of their appearance, Sans Serif fonts are used primarily in headings and are almost unsuitable for reading.

Packed with 90 subfamilies and lots of typographic features, Acumin Pro is made for professional typography whether print or on-screen.  

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Stylish and glamorous design
  • Versatile font
  • Perfect for fashion companies


Final Thoughts 

Now you have seen the options for the best font for consulting logo.

It’s up to you to listen to your heart and choose the most suitable font.

Surely, your brand logo will be remembered and recognized when you use these fonts.

Always remember that when choosing a font, it should convey the essence of the business.

So, with all information given above, we can conclude that, for an entertainment or creative business, Greycliff font is suitable.

For a serious business that requires a high-level professional approach, Ariona font is the one. 

Waste no more time and see for yourself which will suit you the best.

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