<h1>10 Best Fonts For CV Australia (Free & Paid)</h1>

10 Best Fonts For CV Australia (Free & Paid)

Using the best font for CV Australia might just be the deal clincher for your dream job.

The article lines up some classic and contemporary fonts that are sure to provide competitive aesthetics for your CV. 

Whether you are a novice resume designer or a seasoned job applicant, choosing a font that will best market your skills is worth the effort.

Ten font families are discussed.

These include the classic New Yorker feel and look, Gotham, world famous Helvetica, and other contemporary ones.

In designing resumes, options for free and paid fonts depend entirely on the message or how you want to market your skills.

For example, when building a resume as an IT professional, it would be best to stick to industry-standard fonts such as Roboto or Open Sans.

Another consideration is the cross-modality of the fonts chosen – if they work best in print, screen, web, or a combination of these.

Read on and choose your very own best font for CV Australia among the options below.

1. Gotham

best font for cv australia


The American designer, Tobias Frere-Jones, crafted the font family Gotham.

But, ironically, he only received recognition recently as a prestigious designer since its revival in 2000.

Designers widely use Gotham typeface for its:

  • No-nonsense lettering
  • Straightforward design
  • Assertive feel reminiscent of New York’s office doors cast bronze numbers

Using this typeface will bring a desirable sophistication to your pages akin to the New York lifestyle and sensibility.

It is perfect for headlines and emphasizes essential information on a page that would be sure to direct the attention of readers and audiences, especially on a resume.

No wonder this typeface is a favorite in print advertising as they can be seen miles away.

So your messages still can be read from afar.

It was initially meant for use with GQ (Gentlemen’s Quarterly) magazine in 2000, but the font’s most notable use to date is the Obama Campaign in 2008. 

Another important use of the font is Australia’s Labour Party federal election campaign in 2016.

Recent revival by Hoefler & Co. provided four weights, with eight styles.

The typeface supports 564 languages, including Expanded Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Authoritative design (masculine feel, urban, contemporary yet feel familiar)
  • Extensive usage in the design industry translates
  • Compatible with popular document processors
  • Overall professional look and feel
  • Several choices of fonts 
  • Best for web use


2. Proxima Nova

best font for cv australia


American designer Mark Simonson conceptualized Proxima Nova and released in 2005.

Firstly, the designer was quoted to describe the font as a hybrid that incorporates contemporary proportions with a geometric design.

Secondly, it is a popular web font often described as an alternative to Gotham because of its simplistic look and friendly feel.

Thirdly, the font is optimized for small point sizes, so you can never choose this font for captions, headers, and footers.

However, print materials would be best served by choosing Proxima Nova as the primary font as the characters are more precise and more distinct. 

Fourthly, this font comes in three widths and eight weights which support Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic languages.

Fifthly, the bold weights of the font bring sophistication to the page that will undoubtedly impress any reader for its imposing look but gentle feel.

Moreover, its regular weight in standard width exudes confidence, authority, and credibility on the page.

Hence, this makes it perfect for outlining career history or work experiences.

Finally, Proxima Nova is the perfect font for a minimalist design that let the substance of the page flourish without  

Pros & Benefits:

  • Perfect for print materials
  • Perfect font pair to use with captions and subtitles/subheadings
  • Advice on font usage from the designer
  • A dedicated site for the font specifications
  • Legible texts on print and screen


3. Open Sans

best font for cv australia


Open Sans is a sans-serif typeface commissioned by Google to Ascender Corporatio.

Steve Matteson crafted Open Sans.

It is the answer to cross-medium stability.

This font is perfect for print, web, and small screen mobile devices as it is legible and straightforward even for small point sizes.

This is the standard font used for all mediums in publishing.

It is considered the new Arial – so pervasive that everyone in publishing on the web virtually uses it. 

The font is designed with the object to feel and appear friendly.

It is a perfect choice when building your resume’s body to avoid appearing aloof, thus enhancing the probability of having your resume reviewed.

Open Sans is a standard font for publishing and preinstalled in pretty much every document processor.

This includes Adobe Acrobat and Word processor.    

Are you one of the thousands of job applicants who do not have a fancy word processor or a document publisher at your device?

Be rest assured that there is always an Open Sans ready to save your day.

If you cannot find it on your Word processor (Windows or Mac), installation is secure.

All you need to do is search for it on Google Fonts repository site to download it for free.

Installation is quite straightforward, so you do not need to be an IT professional to install the typeface on your device.

Although an open license font, the typeface’s quality and consistency are assured by Google.

Google ensures that professionals in the industry develop your font choice.

In its current release, the typeface includes a complete 897 character set.

The font supports standard and extended ISO Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic languages. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Free and open license by Google
  • No extra step installation required
  • Suitable for print, screen, and web


4. Neue Helvetica

best font for cv australia


Max Miedinger is the principal designer of this font from the Linotype Design Studio in Germany.

This is the latest iteration to the world-renowned Helvetica font family.

As technological improvements came steadily, so does the reinvention of the Helvetica font family.

With it brings improvements to the previous limitations of the typeface that we now enjoy.

The newly improved typeface feels very contemporary, smooth, clean, flexible, and urban.

So, art majors or artistic professionals may well choose this typeface.

This is to elevate their portfolio and, as a result, a higher chance of bagging that interview!

Neue Helvetica’s notable use was its usage in Apple’s iPhone 4 devices. 

In 2015, the website did an overhaul of its site to adapt the Neue Helvetica typeface in its design.

The decision was said to reflect the site’s aim as a facilitator of ideas instead of a stylistic platform.

Job seekers can follow’s adaptive move in choosing this typeface.

Its success reflects the utility of the font to convey ideas worth spreading.

So you can rest assured that whatever is on your resume page will get noticed.

The best readability option is white text on a black background.

As it is easily the world’s favorite font, you can do no wrong in choosing this font family in your publishing needs.

This font is compatible with the world’s major language groups, including Hebrew, Pan-European, and Arabic.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Expertly produced and designed
  • Industrial feel
  • Perfect for electronic publishing
  • Complementary with technological advancements in publishing
  • Flexibility in design and style choices
  • Applicability extends not only to resumes but also to office documents when you get that job
  • Worth investing typeface


5. Roboto

best font for cv australia


Christian Robertson created Roboto.

Firstly, it’s is a sans-serif typeface licensed by Google for its mobile operating system Android’s default font.

Secondly, Roboto portrays simplistic and no-frill lettering.

However, that is much contested as originally meant for Google devices, products, and applications.

Thirdly, the typeface’s conceptual design was meant to allow the letters’ natural width to come alive.

This is unlike other fonts that are forced to confine or conform to geometric design shapes.

Fourthly, this font is described as approachable but not casual – more like casual business type in the executive world parlance.

Fifthly, it conveys a message of seriousness combined with a friendly demeanor.

As with Open Sans, the typeface Roboto is available for free from the Google Font repository site.

This includes extensive online documentation (if you are the type to read that) to master the typeface’s technicalities.

Sixthly, Roboto typeface is a simple font that comes in four families with multiple weights. 

The typeface is often associated with all things IoT ( internet of things).

So, IT job seekers will have a definite edge in using the typeface.

It suggests being true to your industry of choice, and many tech companies will agree with that.

Lastly, the font supports Latin, Greek (partial), and Cyrillic languages.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Best for technology-related resumes and portfolios
  • Open license,
  • Free to use
  • With evolving typeface
  • Easy installation for Windows and Mac desktop devices


6. Calibri


Calibri is designed by typographer Luc(as) de Groot and was commissioned by Microsoft as the default font of several of their applications.

It is very well suited for handheld reading devices for perusing e-books and other formats that somehow feel technical and simple yet elegant.

This font was the answer to the requirement of the new e-book technology.

This is when it came about as the original reading platform requires fonts that are warm, legible, and screen-friendly.

The font is stable across Microsoft suite of applications, comes preinstalled with the devices.

It is an excellent alternative to paid Neue Helvetica fonts.

If you aim to have a friendly tone on screen, you will do well to select the typeface in your publishing needs.

There are no extra steps required to have access to the typeface.

Calibri is part of the collection of ClearType Font that comes with Microsoft devices.

It has become a replacement for the default Times New Roman and Arial.

It is a well-rounded typeface that supports the world’s language, including Chinese languages.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Free to use with Microsoft devices
  • Good to pair with Open Sans (free license) and Roboto
  • Best to use with larger fonts such as section headings and subheadings
  • No installation required


7. Corbert Font


Note, firstly, that Corbel, is a sans-serif typeface.

Jeremy Tankard created it  in 2004.

Secondly, it is an OpenType font.

Hence, it can be utilized and quickly rendered on any device of your choosing and your audiences’ device of their choosing.

Thirdly, Corbel provides a clean, legible, and uncluttered body text to any document.

However, its best use is on larger point sizes on screen.

Fourthly, small point-sized fonts are still legible from this typeface .

Therefore, use it  as text font rather than headings and titles.

Fifthly, MIT’s study revealed that a humanist font like Corbel provides unambiguity of the letters on the page.

Hence, this would mean faster reading time for your audience and clarity of message is guaranteed. 

Sixthly, Corbel is best suited for broad headings in block form, such as the personal information section on a resume.

Seventhly, it is best paired with serif typefaces to enhance the attractiveness of your written piece.

Finally, it is available in three scripts, Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic, with regular, bold, italic, and bold italic types.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Best for unassuming resume
  • Free to use
  • Preinstalled in Microsoft Office suites
  • Perfect font pair with another Microsoft ClearType Font collection such as Calibri
  • Use in simple resumes on the web


8. Cambria


Robin Nicholas, Jelle Bosna, and Steve Matteson developed Cambria.

widely distributed to Office Suites. 

This is a classic font that makes the impression of a well-rounded, professional, and intelligent document.

Cambria came up third on the best font list for resumes on Canva. 

The font is developed with on-screen legibility in mind but also applies to print because of its readability, even on small point sizes.

The font was designed to promote stroke endings and is most noticeable in italics,.

So, it is more useful in emphasizing important body texts or quotes.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Available for free in Microsoft Office suite of applications
  • Looks great on screen
  • Works well another ClearType Font Collection from Microsoft


9. Malak (suitable for titles)


Malak is a brand-new sans-serif typeface created by Symufa available for purchase on Creative Market.

This is a big statement font that could convey messages in one or a few words, insignificant point characters. 

Therefore, the font is best suited for attention-grabbing titles, personal information section of a resume, and drop caps.

Malak comes in different weights: Regular, Italic, Thin, Thin Italic, Bold, and Bold Italic.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Contemporary design
  • Stand out the novel font for resumes and business documents


10. Adobe Garamond


Robert Slimbach designed Adobe Garamond.

It is a classic serif typeface from a well-established foundry Adobe Originals.

The font resembles organic handwriting in pen but structured more upright and balanced.

Thus, it has a bit of antique style to it.

Perfect for book publications because it has an academic or authoritative feel to it.

The font comes in two variations: Adobe Garamond or Adobe Garamond Pro (fees with purchase/downloads).

Pros & Benefits:

  • Compatibility with Adobe products and Mac devices
  • More options to weights and widths come with Adobe subscription
  • Perfect resume builder for creative professionals such as artists and the likes


Final Thoughts

Choosing the right font in designing resumes is only the first step to getting noticed.

It would not hurt to invest in some paid font families such as Adobe Garamond and Gotham.

Gotham is arguably a standout amongst the fonts listed here.

Adobe Garamond comes in second because of its meticulous and elegant design that has gone through the creative process in their development.

If you are new to the rat race, Microsoft font families still serve their purpose.

They also provide good enough typefaces to make your resume as professional as possible.

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