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10 Best Fonts for Lyrics

10 Best Fonts for Lyrics

These options for the best font for lyrics are perfect for those who are in the music industry.

Everyone who deals with design knows how important the choice of fonts is for the final product, so choosing the right font is a difficult and responsible job.

The designer must take into account how people will react to his design.

Choose also the fonts that will contribute to the overall design to convey the message and provoke the reactions that are expected of him.

To choose the right font you need to make sure your font represents the style expected by the target audience

You also need to take care of the technical characteristics of the font such as size, weight, and contrast to make your design recognizable and easy to read.

This article will show the ten options for best font for lyrics that you can use.

1. Irene Florentina

best font for lyrics


Irene Florentine is the author of this font.

She is a multimedia designer from the Netherlands and for the last few years, she has been mainly involved in branding and web design.

This is a charming handwritten doodle font, which gives the impression that it has just been written with pencil.

Its simplicity confirms the motto ‘Less is more,’ and a special charm has the hand-drawn illustrations that come together in the package with this font.

Those who want to make their branding and marketing simpler and more effective can use this font.

This is exactly what this font recommends for creating logos, business cards, and other printed materials.

It is also very effective in creating posts on social networks, especially for posts on Instagram.

The font is compatible with Western European languages, adapted to both OTF and TTF, and contains both lowercase and uppercase letters and a basic character set.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Handwritten simple font
  • Perfect for logos
  • Contains 10 handwritten illustrations
  • Adapted for OTF and TTF


2. Just Saying

best font for lyrics


Nicky Laatz from United Kingdom designed this font. 

It has nearly 30,000 followers on and is rated 5 stars on this site.

A handwritten font, cheerful, simple, and modern, will look on your screen as if you just wrote it yourself by hand.

This font is perfect for quotes, Instagram quotes, texts in illustrated short stories, handwritten notes, simple and cute greetings, and of course stand-out branding.

For now, the font has 6 variants which makes it applicable for different purposes.

This font will make your post cute and cheerful and bring a smile to everyone, whether you use it for quotes, greeting cards, or stand-out branding.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Handwritten cheerful font
  • Perfect for quotes
  • Six variants
  • Contains dingbats


3. Kindness Matters

best font for lyrics


This font was also designed by Nicky Laatz.

Kindness Matters is an unusual All-caps SVG font with a built-in watercolor texture that looks so real.

What attracts the most about this font is that it is not limited but can be used for literally everything and is intended for everyone.

It has the best effect when used for posters, quotes, flyers, and social media posts, i.e. it is most suitable for influencers.

This is an open-type font that is very cute, quirky, that and fun and really looks like its name says -kindness.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Built-in watercolor texture
  • Perfect for posters
  • SVG all-caps font
  • Contains 4 Handy underlines


4. Euphoria Script

best font for lyrics


Sabrina Mariela Lopez from Buenos Aires designed Euphoria Script.

This font is an informal typeface that was initially created with letterform sketches made by hand with a copperplate nib.

They were then digitally crossed out with brush stroke strokes, and therefore the type seems playful, which is essential in random scripts.

It’s perfect for headlines and short phrases in branding, magazines, food content, fashion, music – anything as dynamic as the font itself.

This font is from the scripts family, as its name suggests, whose nature pattern is italic.

It is semi-light and medium width, and it is compatible with Unicode, Macintosh, and Microsoft platforms.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Handwritten font made with copperplate nib
  • Perfect for headlines
  • Medium width


5. Ainslie

best font for lyrics


The Ainslie Font was created by Jeremy Dooley, a Tennessee-Chattanooga-based founder, and owner of the Insigne Company.

Ainslie is inspired by Mount Ainslie which is located in the suburbs of Canberra and was originally developed for the Canberra Australia Centennial Typeface Competition and is a unique Australian font based on the art of Aboriginal flowing.

This modest font can be used to create a stunning look, ideal for displaying longer text materials.

You can also use it for books, banner design, brochure layout, poster design, movie titles, and more.

This font family contains characters that are solid, serious, and dependable supports.

It is compatible with seventeen international languages ​​such as Turkish, Danish, Czech, and many others.

This font includes a variety of alternatives that can be accessed in any OpenType-enabled application, and OpenType-enabled applications, such as Adobe Suite or Quark.

Moreover, it can take full advantage of the automatic replacement of ligatures and alternatives.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Unique Australian font based on the art of Aboriginal flowing
  • Perfect for longer text materials
  • Compatible with 17 international languages
  • Automatic replacement of ligatures


 6. Museo

best font for lyrics


This font was designed in 2008 by Jos Buivenga who is the founder of exljbris.

It’s a one-man Dutch font foundry through which he releases and offers his typefaces based in Arnhem, the Netherlands.

The Museo’s design is pretty straight forward and looks a bit like a piece of bent metal wire.

Ideal distance between two Museo lines depends on factors like font size and size.

But you’ll find long lines that the individual words and letters connect well horizontally and keep the reader’s gaze on track.

Museo font can be used in everything, but it has the greatest effect in creating a logo and its performance can be used to the maximum because it is unique, readable, and compatible with a large number of other fonts.

This family of OpenType fonts comes in five weights and offers supported CE languages ​​and even Esperanto.

In addition to ligatures, contextual alternatives, stylistic alternatives, fractions, and proportional/tabular figures, MUSEO also has a “case” feature for sensitive shapes.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Handwritten unique font
  • Perfect for logos
  • Five weights
  • Compatible with a large number of other fonts


7. Lumios Marker

best font for lyrics


‘My Creative Land’ designed this font.

It’s a boutique type foundry owned by Elena Genova that specializes in handwritten and modern calligraphy fonts based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Lumios is a freehand modern and trendy marker script created with Pilot Sign Pen which looks fantastic, especially on billboards, banner ads, and video players.

This font has the greatest effect if it is used for marketing purposes.

Its style is modern and the package includes fantastic dingbats, which will give the viewer the impression of immediacy and closeness, and that should be the goal of every advertisement.

Lumios has both extended Latin and basic Cyrillic support that is enhanced with oodles of ligatures (Latin as well as Cyrillic).

Both fonts were carefully traced by hand and have clean edges, hence they are safe to use in all graphic design software as well as on websites, and the script is fully Unicode mapped.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Latin and basic Cyrillic support
  • Perfect for all kind of marketing
  • Can be used in all graphic design software
  • Fantastic dingbats


8. Head Turn

best font for lyrics


Jess Latham, based in Falkville in the United States of America, has been designing fonts since 1997 and his foundry focuses mainly on display faces and decorative ornaments.

The subtle but lightly textured, handwritten HeadTurn font gives the impression that it has just been written with a dry marker and it is this mild texture.

The OpenType wizardry also gives it depth and uniqueness and makes it very realistic.

This font is most suitable for magazines and logos because its uniqueness makes it attractive and striking and will make your product never go unnoticed.

As for the technical characteristics of the HeadTurn font, it represents the OpenType handwritten font and the languages in which it is compatible are: Western Europe, Central / Eastern Europe, Baltic, Turkish, Romanian.

Pros & Benefits:

  • A handwritten font with decorative ornaments
  • Perfect for magazines
  • OpenType font


9. Amatic SC

best font for lyrics


The creator of the Amatic SC font is Vernon Adams, who lives in California.

He holds a master’s degree in typeface design from the University of Reading and has been designing letters since 2007.

During this period, he researched designing for the cloud-based era and his work spans all genres, from live scripts to workhorse text families and the operating system user interface.

Amatic SC is a handwritten simple but effective font. 

This is a font that contains a Latin alphabet, originally designed by Vernon Adams, Ben Nathan, and Thomas Jockin.

It is great for bloggers because it is best suited for titles and small editions of the text and is designed for use over the Internet by.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Handwritten simple font
  • Perfect for blogs or lyrics
  • Latin and Hebrew alphabet


10. Lora

best font for lyrics



Lora is a contemporary serif.

It has roots in calligraphy that works well in almost any situation.

This is best used as a basic text with brushed curves which separates it from driving with Serifs.

Laura would be a perfect choice for modern-day stories or for various essays, especially for magazines and books.

This font is available for all languages, contains four styles: regular, italic, bold, bold italic, and is compatible with all devices.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Well-balanced contemporary serif
  • Perfect for basic texts
  • Four styles
  • Available for all languages


Final Thoughts

The essence of design is not only how something will look, but also how you will communicate with the audience.

So it is very important to choose the right font because poor choice of font can ruin even the best design.

If you have had problems choosing the right font for your design so far, we are sure that your problems with choosing a font will disappear after reading this article.

Most of these options for best font for lyrics are handwritten which will be perfect for your product.

Do come back again and read our other articles when you need a good and unique font.

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