<h1>10 Best Fonts For Name Cards</h1>

10 Best Fonts For Name Cards

In this piece I will cover details about potential options for best font for name card.

These fonts would potentially be great for use on name cards for various events in your businesses.

This article is great for those professional event planners or business owners who like to put little personalized, detailed touches into their events.

I am thinking of you folks in real estate, maternal health Professionals, doulas, alternative health practitioners, technology companies, academics, and many others!

When picking a font design that is best suited to your needs, keep in mind who your audience is and what their level of familiarity is with each other.

Keep also in mind as well what the general vibe or energy you want people to maintain at your event.

If your attendees are meeting each other for the first time, you will want to go for fonts that are clear and easy to read.

Whereas if your attendees know each other, or of each other, you can be a little more lenient with the clarity of the design.

Further, a very formal event will naturally need to have a different font style than an event that is meant to be more social and casual.

Listed below are options for the best font for name card that can meet your professional needs.

1. Calistoga

best font for name card


 Sage Trading who is a designer out of California, United States created this font and sells it on Etsy.

This is a handcrafted Serif font, and the aesthetic to me looks like a mixture of sophisticated royalty and modern.

The fact that it is a Sans font means it is perfect for branding that falls under more of the “luxury” domain.

Or even if you do not consider yourself a luxury brand, but would like to add some luxury to your event, this is a great choice.

If your event is more upscale, then using this font for your name cards would wrap up the rest of your design elements.

The font is clear and clean to read which makes it perfect for a brand that focuses on simplicity and clean lines.

It’s opposed to a style that is “busier” and incorporates more elements into their design.

This offers ease of readability for your guests to read so it would be great to use in a networking event.

The designer has included the option to add botanical illustrations to the design if you please and if it suits your specific theme/branding.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Clean and simple lines
  • Modern mixed with luxury royal design features
  • Optional botanical illustrations
  • Handcrafted design


2. Glamour Absolute 

best font for name card


This is a Serif font with a vintage look that gives me a very Great Gatsby feel, which means it would bring a very elegant, classy design to your event.

The best part is that it is a two-faced font, meaning it comes with a gallery of options that allow you to choose different versions of the letters.

This makes the design look either more vintage or more modern.

In this way, you can make it fit your tastes, branding, and the specific needs of your event.

You could even have a perfect blend of both if you are undecided, which is a great option for people who have a style that is not clearly defined.

This font is great for any themed events you may have.

It would be a well thought out detail to take your event over the top in terms of bringing your theme to life.

Another major benefit of this font is that it is supported in twelve languages, which could be a really fun addition to your event if you have diversified people joining.

It would be interesting and unique to have your attendee’s names written in their language.

A great conversation starter for sure!

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Elegant vintage design
  • Perfect for themed events
  • Two-faced design making it versatile
  • Supported in twelve languages 
  • Comes with extra freebies like a free photoshop template


3. Abigail

best font for name card 


The ever-elegant Sensatype created Abigail which is a unique ligature font.

This font is quite elegant and readable with very clean lines and a modern look, with a flare.

The ligature options are what make this font more than just a typical modern font style, which I think has great value.

You can have more or fewer ligatures in your final design depending on how many flares you wanted to add to your otherwise simple, modern look. 

This is a great font to use at a real estate marketing event or public open house for a home that exhibits the same features as this font.

There have been additions to the font since it first came out which include even more ligature options to choose from.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Classy & elegant design
  • Set of lowercase & uppercase letters, multilingual symbols, numerals, and punctuations
  • Unique ligature font


4. Dancing Script

best font for name card


Argentinian designer Impallari Type designed Dancing Script and sells it on Google Fonts.

This font is fun and youthful, which is very well matched to its beautiful and imaginative name!

It comes to life when you look at it, seemingly moving right on the screen, which I find to be a very attractive and innovative feature.

This font is meant to visually “dance” as the sizing of the characters varies while remaining readable.

It is perfect for an event meant for a younger generation of guests and an event that is meant to be less formal and more casual and enjoyable.

To play up the benefits of this font, using this font at an event with music and dance, would almost make the font jump right off the paper!

There are glyphs available which allow you to personalize your name cards with more letters and symbols of your choice.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Casual & fun design
  • Updated with an optional bold feature 
  • Updated with a variable weight axis
  • Glyphs available for added personalization


5. Parisienne

best font for name card


Astigmatic created this stunning Parisienne and sells it on Google Fonts.

This font plays with different glyphs as well as sizes to make this a look that comes alive when you look at it.

It reminds me of the French movie Amelie, and I do not know if it is the name or the look, or both combined, but I feel transported to Paris when I look at this font!

This is a great font to use at an event where people more or less know each other because it is less readable than the other fonts listed here.

If you have an upcoming themed event, or you want to leave your guests with a feeling of travel and worldliness, then this is the font to use.

This font pairs well with another, less complicated design, perfect if you want someone’s name to be written with more fun and flair.

The designer offers various glyphs for you to choose from as well, which is a plus in terms of making this font your own!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Fun & world design
  • Great for certain themed events
  • The option of extra glyphs to choose from


6. Cinzel

best font for name card


The very talented and passionate Natanael Gama designed Cinzel and sells it on Google Fonts.

This font design is strong and masculine and gives me a medieval aesthetic, which is a very specific style that may not be suited to everyone’s preferences.

There are different glyphs you have the option to use so you can play up this medieval aesthetic more or less based on what look you need for your specific event.

The strong, bold look would pair well with events meant to be motivational and inspiring.

This font is great to use for team building and/or network marketing events.

There is the potential to use this font in a fun way and show people’s names together with a fact about themselves, or one thing they want to learn at that event.

Using this font in this way makes it more fun and gets more bang for your buck, so to speak, as this font is certainly a powerful one.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Strong & bold statement font
  • The option of varied glyphs to choose from
  • Personalization available


7. Samantha Script

best font for name card


The ingenious designer Laura Worthington created Samantha Script and sells it on Fonts.com.

This font is very versatile, fun, pretty, and quite feminine in its design.

It has the potential to meet various needs, especially due to the various package options available for purchase.

This font would pair well with an event planning business to use at events like a baby and bridal showers.

Its versatility makes it usable across events, and it would be great for a business running multiple events a year.

The fun and yet feminine design matches well with these types of events.

The versatility still allows one to tone down or tone upon certain looks based on the overall theme and personal preferences.

To say that it is versatile would not do it justice.

This font has 2700+ glyphs to choose from, really taking advantage of OpenType.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Extremely versatile
  • Option to use ornament designs in your design
  • Numerous package designs to choose from to meet your needs
  • 2700+ glyph options


8. Sofia Pro

best font for name card


The modern Mostardesign Studio designed Sofia Pro and sells it on Fonts.com.

This font style is the epitome of a futuristic, modern design.

The lines are simple, clean and the font itself allows the focus of your branding’s message to shine through.

This font is perfect for tech, real estate, or business events, especially ones that focus on innovation and creativity for the future.

There is something that screams future living with this font.

And for the right brand, this would be the perfect branded font to use to tie in the larger branding of your business with the name cards at your events.

A large number of glyphs available means that you can soften or harden the look of this font to suit the needs of your brand and your specific event type.

The updated version of this font allows for even more versatility by offering more OpenType options such as case sensitivity, fractions, style alternatives, and more. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Supports a range of different languages
  • 500+ glyphs available
  • The updated version allows for much more personalization and variability


9. Orpheus

best font for name card


The innovative and determined Canada Type Designers created Orpheus and sells it on FontSpring.

This font is a newer, updated version of the original Orpheus font designed by Walter Tiemann.

It took the team a lot of time and effort to complete and their time and passion put into it shows!

This font feels very academic, almost like a font you would see used in a thesis presentation event or a university networking event.

When I look at it speaks of prestige and knowledge, which is the reason why I would recommend it for any academics related events or gatherings.

The passion and dedication of the designers’ definitions come forward when you see how many options they offer for personalization.

They have thought ahead to the varied needs of their potential clients.

For example, you have uppercase, lowercase, bold, italic, and other font options to choose from to make it suit your event needs.

Ultimately, you as the potential customer benefit from these efforts because this font can meet many of your varied needs across different events.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • The academic and prestigious design
  • Upwards of 100 characters available
  • Many OpenType features to choose from
  • Latin-based language support


10. Mirage

best font for name card


Mirage is a Serif font designed by Maxim and Denis Schepin of MadeType, selling through Fontspring.

This font is a warm modern style font.

It seems to represent a more relaxed elegance, which is in contrast to some of the more harsh and boxy modern font styles out there.

This font would be perfect for a contemporary themed event that aims to be more welcoming and engaging.

A company-wide networking event or a company party planned with the intention of team bonding would benefit from having this font on their name cards.

You can maintain the seriousness of the company while also allowing in a more casual, friendly energy.

This font offers punctuations, numerals, a thin, medium, and large version.

There is potential for variability and personalization if this is important to you and your brand/company event.

Pros & Benefits:

  • A warm & contemporary style
  • upper/lower case, punctuations, numerals
  • Offers 5 weight options
  • Contextual alternatives & standard ligatures offered


Final Thoughts 

The font used for your name cards is not exactly the first thing you think of when you start to plan an event.

However, it is a detail that will bring together your event’s branding and help set up the energy you want your guests to have.

It is a tool that all your guests will not only see but wear on their bodies and read throughout your whole event.

Therefore, selecting the right font for the name cards of your event is a detail you want to put time and effort into.

Based on my style I think my favorite font from this list is Abigail because of its elegance and classiness, but additional fun features of the ligatures.

I prefer fonts that allow the focus to be on the actual wording, instead of the possibly distracting features of the font.

Luckily some amazing designers can bring your exact needs to life,  and I believe you will find the best font for name card that suits your need.

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