<h1>10 Best Fonts For Novel</h1>

10 Best Fonts For Novel

Are you looking for the best font for novel?

Novels are storytelling in written form which is fictitious prose.

It contains characters and problems which are either unresolved issues or results in a happy ending.

The novel is a broad word that can be broken into commercial types.

First, are those whose purpose of creation is to make money or financial returns.

Second, those whose primary motive is to showcase works of literary art.

Fonts are generally the typefaces of every document, article, newsletter, and yes, for novels as well.

Font selection is very important for novel design aside from the contents of the novels.

They are the medium of communication that can captivate the readers’ attention, creates harmony, and shows mood or feeling to your content.

When selecting the right fonts for the works, one must bear in mind that the fonts selected should be aesthetically presented but readable.

Happily, we prepared the options for the best font for novel  for your use.

1. Quincy

best font for novel


Cannary Fagen created this font on January 07, 2015.

He is the owner of Connary Fagen Type Shop. an online type foundry that also sells a dozen typeface and font applications. 

Quincy’s typeface layout is a lustrous show of fonts that are smooth-looking features that are refreshing to the eyes.

Texts are generally very clean and polished making it look fashionably casual. 

This type of font is suited for novels that have modernistic romance-themed stories and for literary authors who make mysteries and science fiction stories. 

It has 8 weights, Roman and Italic sets, and advanced open type features that enable other users to make modifications for improvements of fonts.

Quincy is classified under Serif typeface and is also available for instant download priced at PHP 2,010.05.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Elegant font style 
  • Readable
  • Suited for modernistic romance type novels, mysteries, and science fiction
  • Has an advanced open type feature which enables the font to be developed
  • It is fashionably casual making it attractive to millennial readers


2. URW Baskerville

best font for novel


John Baskerville originally designed this font in 1757 with an official release date in 1900 under a well- known URW type foundry

URW Baskerville now has 51 styles or versions. 

As one of the fonts that have many variants, it gives the readers the impression of a classic yet formal-looking font with a touch of old school style glam and an overtly intimidating look. 

It is accurately matched for historical novels, and does look intimidating.

This is also perfect for thrillers and horror-themed stories. 

With its 51 styles or versions, it has a matching contrast of thick and thin calligraphic strokes which makes it more readable.

URW Baskerville is a popular Serif font face which is for PHP 102.74.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It has many versions; 51 in total
  • Classic looking, formal type, old school with an intimidating feel
  • Perfect for historical novels, treasure hunt type, thrillers, and horror type stories
  • It has a calligraphic version which is Baskerville oblique
  • Legible and good for readers who are unable to read in the fine print


3. Adobe Garamond

best font for novel


French printer Claude Garamond first created this font in the 16th century.

Robert Slimbach innovated it to create the Adobe Garamond font style in 1980 with a released date in 1989 under the wings of Adobe. 

It is an old-looking font type with a touch of modern style and an impression of interrelatedness between the old and the new times.

Adobe Garamond gives a classic contemporary feel. 

It is befitting for stories that involve castles, knights, wizards, and magic stories, especially children fantasy books and also ancient dragon type novels.

The Adobe Garamond font is a versatile font since it has 6 styles and can easily be developed into a better font style even if it was based on an old-style typeface.

It is a very attractive and graceful font and is also one of the convenient fonts because it’s a type that uses minimal ink during printing. 

This is a Serif type of font which can be downloaded instantly at PHP 175.38.

Pros & Benefits:

  • An ancient style font but very attractive and graceful looking
  • The font when used as a typeface gives a feel of the connection of the past to the modern age
  • Befits novels of castles and kings, knights and dragons, wizards and magic, and children’s fantasy books
  • Versatile font with 6 variations
  • Uses minimal ink during printing


4. Lora

best font for novel


Olga Karpushina and Alexei Vanyashin created Lora in 2011.

They were co-owners of the online type foundry called Cyreal Fonts.

Lora’s typeface gives an impactful look on modern and contemporary styles and also the very elegant and inspiring type of fonts. 

It complements the voguish type of stories which are very modern and this font is for millennial youngsters.

This gives a fresh, present-day effect towards younger generation’s readers. 

Lora as a font can be optimized for screen appearance and is very legible when used for printing.

It is under the category of Serif and can be downloaded instantly at PHP 296.48.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Very modern looking
  • Perfect for contemporary stories and essays
  • Excellent font for screen appearances
  • It is very legible in printing. 
  • Under Open Font License which means it is free and can be developed


5. Open Sans

best font for novel


Steve Matteson, a typeface designer, created this font which was released in 2011.

Open Sans typeface has a sleek look yet readable and very futuristic looking and with its design that it gives a digital or robotic feel. 

It is very cut out for science fiction novels, stories about outer space, aliens and spaceships, rocket ships, and space explorations with a friendly appearance. 

This incorporates 897 sets of characters which include the standards ISO Latin 1, Latin CE, Greek, and Cyrillic character sets.

These sets are enhanced for printing, in the web interface, and mobile screens which show very legible characters.

Open Sans is a Sans Serif typeface and is available for download at PHP 150.75.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Gives you a futuristic and friendly feel
  • Very readable
  • Cut out for science fiction novels 
  • Has 897 sets of characters
  • Typeface enhanced in printing, web and mobile interfaces


6. TT Norms Pro  

best font for novel


TT Norms Pro was officially created on May 30, 2017.

It is an amazing font with an impression of classics, a widely fanciful ligature that has many applications which give a feel of Renaissance. 

This befits novels that are created to provide puzzles, or with mathematically related genres such as using geometry or mathematics to solve a case.

It could also be perfect for treasure hunting novels saturated with number puzzles. 

TT Norms Pro typeface has 22 styles [11 upright and 11 italics], 1,581 glyphs in each of the 24 fonts an improvement from the initial version of 1,392 glyphs.

It has a wide support language that is amounting to 263 such as extended Cyrillic, Greek, Vietnamese, and Bulgarian localizations.

TT Norms Pro is proud of its small capital letters, group of its mathematical symbols and fractions, arrows and numbers and very stylistic and geometric patterns.

It also has a large number of currency signs, a fantastic example of a variety coming from a Sans Serif type style.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Suited for mysteries and puzzle related genres 
  • Has 22 styles which makes it one of the typefaces that have many applications
  • Contains 1,581 glyphs to choose from
  • Supports 263 languages such as Cyrillic, Greek, Vietnamese, and Bulgarian dialects


7. Constantine

best font for novel


Harmonais Visual, an online type foundry based at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, created this font last December 8, 2020.

The Constantine typeface gives a classical atmosphere, making you feel you are living during the Roman Empire period.

It has a touch of modernism which gives it a factor for elegance. 

This is very well suited for stories made during Rome’s worldwide influence and also Church-related stories with mystery, fantasy, pride, and glory genres

The typeface presets in standard ligatures in luxury and precise, clean, and neat effects.

It supports all European languages and dynamic applicability of multiple selections of standard ligatures. 

Constantine is purely a fine display of contemporary Serif typeface that applies to most software as long as that software can read Open Type fonts. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Constantine is a recent typeface and very captivating
  • An elegant and luxurious display of typeface
  • It is a perfect match for classical and contemporary genres for novels
  • Applies to any software
  • European supported languages


8. Playfair Display 

best font for novel


Claus Eggers Sorensen created Playfair Display which takes inspiration from John Baskerville’s and Scotch Roman’s designs.

The font was officially released last July 11, 2013, under the online type foundry Font Squirrel and consequently became an open-source at Google Fonts.

This typeface is heavily centered in the Enlightenment period which gives you an intelligent yet promising feel.

It provides a message of hope to younger generations. 

This befits excellently to novels that have playful genres, young love, assurances and promises, and for stories of encouragement and bravery under the light of darkness and despair. 

The explicit font is under Open Font License which gives users the ability to contribute and develop further the typeface.

Playfair Display is very compatible with Georgia font text that increases its applicability. 

It is a well-known example of a classical typeface with modern applications such as very exquisite and passionate ornate ligatures. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • A very readable text
  • It has a playful look yet very presentable
  • Best for novels that inspire and genres of despair and hope
  • Under Open Font License which means anybody can use it
  • It is very compatible with Georgia font and its applications


9. Adobe Caslon 

best font for novel


William Caslon produced one of the world’s legendary typefaces in 1726 which was Carol Twombly later innovated for Adobe Type foundry.

The letter faces show a quintessential English design with Baroque art style influence.

They give a feel of the classical years with a feeling of a well-balanced composition of passion and decency. 

Adobe Caslon is perfect for stories of love and passion, hidden desires and lust novels, human mysteries and curiosities.

It is also an excellent match for Baroque and medieval-themed prose. 

This is a typeface that is very famous and original.

It is in many typesetters and printers’ agenda to use the Caslon Font because of its familiarity.

This is categorized under Serif font styles and is considered solid, dependable, and safe to use because of its wide acceptance in the community. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Mostly used by typesetter and printers
  • It has wide acceptability among different communities
  • Very classy and elegant that can trigger fantasies and desires
  • The italics features are very readable
  • Has been used as the main title font of the famous movie “Les Miserables” and in the United States of America’s Declaration of Freedom and Liberty of Life.


10. Adobe Text Pro

best font for novel


Robert Slimbach a type designer who created the Adobe Text Pro which was released in 2012. 

It has a very classical look which is influenced by the Baroque style of arts and Caslon.

The font also has a feel of modernism that bridges that gap between a very legible and vivid text. 

It is convenient to fairy tale stories that are based on old classical tales and also to novels that yarns for chivalry codes, kings and queens, and historical accounts. 

This has 6 font styles and has so many applications for longer passages that require readability and efficiency in printing for economical reasons. 

Adobe Text Pro typeface is made under the classification of Serif designs and its display for on-screen has wide and large applicability. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Bridges the gap between classical and modernism
  • Best used for fairy tales and tales of valor and chivalry stories
  • Has 6 Font styles that makes it largely applicable
  • It is legible and economical friendly for longer passages
  • The Adobe Text Pro typeface has large applicability for on-screen uses


Final Thoughts 

Before the dawn of television, online videos, and movie streaming, the best go-to past time of almost all people were reading novels. 

No one could argue the satisfaction of the mind that is given by novels; especially the best ones.

Having the right font for your type of novel is a very much important thing.

Always bear in mind that the content should match the representation aesthetically, and the choice of font should fit the subject.

We hope that this article has helped you choose the best font for novel that you can use.

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