10 Best Fonts for Online Store

10 Best Fonts for Online Store

These options for the best font for online store are best for those designing their own website.

Technology, undoubtedly, rules our life right now, 

But the power of font types has remained alive, especially when it comes to winning over your customers.

Choosing the right font for your business conveys a message about your business or product to your customers and potential ones.

Using the right font determines the perceptions and opinions that customers create about you and your business.

This increases their loyalty towards your business.

Appropriately arranging the font types means that you’ll create a website and an appealing app for your customers.

This article will cover the options for the best font for online store, their details, and their pros and benefits.

1. Fiona

best font for online store


This font type was created by a designer and illustrator, Josh Ownby, in 2017 in the United States since he’s a lover of mixing vintage with modern looks.

Fiona belongs to the family of Sans Serif font type and it gives dual feelings, a classical touch with a modern feeling.

This font type is great for those looking to choose an ideal font for their wedding invitations, which will give the utmost elegant look.

Fiona supports a minimum of nine languages, and among these are German, French, Italian, and others.

It provides the opportunity of using upper- and lower-case letters while it includes lots of symbols as well.

The designer derived inspiration from publishing and printings from classical times.

The main feeling this font type wanted to convert is the elegant, chic feeling with a clean look.

Businesses who derive their inspiration from the vintage era in these modern times could use this font.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Ideal for giving a vintage vibe to your website
  • Great for magazines
  • Best for businesses that want to mix vintage and modern feelings
  • Looks great on texts as well as headlines
  • The lower-case letters are great to use on titles as well


2. Oxford

best font for online store


This font type was designed by Christine Lord in the 1970s when her goal was to create a unique identity for the Oxford Polytechnic.

The Oxford font is part of the Sans Serif font family in that the fonts don’t have strokes at the top and bottom of the letters, which gives out a more modern vibe.

This font type would be ideal for a business that aims to deliver a message in a conventional, non-revolutionary way.

It is best for skin-care online store attracting the clientele with a clear, calm message.

Oxford font type can be used for Cyrillic languages.

It provides three main variants of the font such as Scene, Oxford CP, and Profonts Oxford.

This type of font has been used for printing since it is a great font to use even in texts and headlines.

It provides a variety of letters, both upper-case and lower-case, and the numbers as well.

Businesses love to use Oxford font alone or mixed with other fonts as well, and people can access this font type for free.

This font type is more suitable for businesses who prefer a more serious tone, such as technology, electronics, and similar other businesses.  

Pros & Benefits:

  • Great for businesses with a modern approach
  • Helps maintain a conventional vibe
  • Due to its precise details at small sizes, it looks great on printing
  • Ideal font type for conventional skin-care companies, and technology industries
  • Supports a lot of languages and characters other than English


3. Classico

best font for online store


Classico is a font type that is a revised version of URW++, and the designer of this font type is Hermann Zapf, who developed it in 1990.

The font type belongs to the Sans Serif family, which means that the letters don’t have strokes, but it provides great readability with an elegant touch.

Those businesses who want to add a feminine and elegant touch to their websites must use this font, such as personal blogs or lifestyle blogs that tend to attract a specific clientele.

It comes in seven different styles and supports more than 20 languages such as Latin, Cyrillic, and more.

The font type doesn’t provide the opportunity to download it for free, so you can buy different packages for better deals.

Perfume companies and fragrance companies love to use this kind of font that gives a vibe of elegance to the customers.

Businesses who prefer minimalist designs can benefit from this font type.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easy readability with a modern touch
  • It conveys a mood of elegance
  • Lifestyle blogs that are targeted towards women can benefit from this font
  • Several styles to choose from
  • Looks good mixed with other types as well


4. Maisee

best font for online store


The font came to the public in 2005, and its design is tied to the name of Nicholas Garner as part of the AVP publishing group.

As part of the Sans Serif family, it provides a simple yet fun, enthusiastic feeling for different uses, such as in texts or headlines.

This font type would look great on websites using retro vibes or aiming to deliver positive vibes, such as blogs with content targeting young adults.

Maisee provides 12 typefaces, and it has multilingual support for more than 20 languages.

The letters and characters are roundly formed, which provides a friendly and smiley vibe for customers.

Websites for high schools or kindergarten use this font type for their websites, which conveys a smile to people when they read it.

Its tone is far from the serious and traditional one, which means that it isn’t recommended for businesses who try to convey a message more seriously.

People use this font in many other ways as well, such as lists and catalogs.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Ideal font for expressing positivity
  • The form of the letters convey a smiley attitude
  • An ideal font for mixing positivity with elegance
  • Greatly readable, even for print
  • You can find it and use it in multiple languages


5. Apparel

best font for online store


The font type is a product of Alfonso Garcia’s and Daniel Hernandez’s design as part of the publishing site Latinotype, and it became public in 2020.

This font is a part of the Serif font family, which means that all characters have strokes, and the design of Apparel gives a feeling of relaxation and elegance.

Apparel is ideal for businesses who want to have a high impact on their customers but still employing a contemporary font type.

It provides multiple styles in bold and italic, and you can use it for different languages such as Cyrillic, European languages, and many more.

The font type provides another version, which is ideal for use in titles and headlines since it displays large fonts with greater details.

Lots of magazines, such as art, literature, and history, love to use this kind of design since it has a sense of the past mixing with the present.

You can buy packages of different versions for good deals online.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Contemporary feeling mixed with nostalgia towards the past
  • Multilingual opportunities
  • Different variants to use for the headlines and texts
  • It’s great for establishing the identity of brand designs
  • The italics version of this font type provides elegance and a relaxing attitude


6. Sofia Pro

best font for online store


This font had a release date of 2009 by Mostardesign, but this old version needed corrections, so the new version came into life in 2012.

Belonging to the Sans Serif family, its forms are curvier and round, and it also provides geometrical shapes that convey feelings of elegance and friendliness.

With its great readability and appealing power to all audiences, businesses tend to use it for their business cards, and also for different apps on their phones.

It provides eight styles for different uses and offers usages in different languages.

The letters and characters from Sofia Pro are ideal not only for texts but also for logos, headings, headlines, and titles due to their beautiful rounded form.

Lots of businesses use this type of font for marketing purposes due to its relaxing attitude and the simplicity it provides for attracting customers from different backgrounds.

It provides different versions of the font type, such as Sofia Rough, Sofia Soft, and Sofia Pro Condensed.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Ability to create vibrant graphics
  • Friendly font type for customers from all age groups
  • Easy to read online and in print as well
  • Ideal for small informative business pieces
  • Provides a unique personality to the business


7. Honey Mint Font Duo


This combination came to life in 2019, and you can buy it on different platforms for great deals.

You can access two types of this combination, namely Sans and Sans Serif, and both provide an elegant touch to your website, logo, or any other business-related platform.

The most ideal use of this kind of font are magazines to attract a certain group age such as teenagers and young adults, but you can also use its cards such as information, and birthday info.

It offers both lower- and upper-case letters which are ideal for texts as well as headlines and titles or logo designs.

The font type carries a modern vibe to it, and it provides the same feeling to the platform that you apply it to.

Its huge advantage is that you can get it in versions where characters have strokes as well as in a version where the characters are round.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Ideal font for any cards’ content (e.g. Christmas, Birthday, Invitation)
  • Provides a modern touch that resonates with large audiences
  • offers fonts for some characters and letters other than in English
  • Also has a friendly touch for websites targeting young adults, teenagers, or children
  • Ideal for using it as a font for quotes on your website


8. Poppins

best font for online store


This font type was created in 2016 by the Indian Type Foundry, which provided this font type to download for free, and they created it for digital and print media.

Poppins Light belongs to the family of Sans Serif and, more specifically, to the Geometric type.

All the letters are geometrically shaped, giving an elegant look.

Poppins is a great font type for websites providing website-building services, but for several other business types, such as cosmetics, skin-care, e-commerce websites, etc.

This font type provides 17 styles for use while providing support for a large variety of languages such as Latin, Kurdish, Indonesian, and many more.

Poppins uses great geometry for different symbols as well, such as the ampersand.

It uses a new design called Devanagari, which provides pure geometry to the letters, numbers, and symbols.

Although it’s free for use, a business should get a license before using this font-type on their logos or headlines.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Ideal for businesses with a modern vibe
  • Also great for businesses who want a more classical look
  • Provides an appealing sight for the eye due to perfect symmetry
  • Can be applied to different types of businesses
  • Supports lots of languages, so it’s easy to apply it to different countries


9. Roboto

best font for online store


Christian Robertson, who is part of the Google family, designed the Roboto font type in 2011 that became usable under the license of Apache.

The font type belongs to the family of Sans Serif, but it’s classified as Grotesque.

It conveys messages of simplicity by not providing strokes at the top and bottom of the letters.

This font type is great for web-search engines or online video-sharing platforms that want to attract customers from all backgrounds.

It supports multiple languages, among them being Greek, Latin, Cyrillic, Chinese, Korean, and many others.

Roboto is the basic font used for the system of Android, and a lot of other platforms took this as well, such as Google and YouTube.

By conveying simplicity, businesses favor the use of this type since they can attract different clientele.

The font type has three main variations such as Roboto Mono, Roboto Slab, and Heebo, which allow different kinds of uses.

People describe this font as a modern and approachable type that is desirable for a business.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Provides a modern look
  • Has a feeling of simplicity which appeals to large audiences
  • Includes many styles, which makes it possible to use in different variations
  • Different websites and businesses can use it
  • Tends to attract customers from all backgrounds


10. Cormorant Garamond

best font for online store


Christian Thalmann is the designer of this font type as part of the Cormorant project that has Switzerland as a base place.

The font belongs to the Serif types, which means that the letters have strokes on the bottom and top of them, which gives you a pleasing feeling while reading them.

Cormorant Garamond is most ideal for the use in texts which serve for reading since the use of this font on headlines doesn’t look good.

It supports many languages such as Latin, Vietnamese, Navajo, and many others while serving different styles that could make texts more exciting.

The designer didn’t create these fonts from a specific font but rather designed them totally uniquely from scratch.

It has three main styles, namely Cormorant Italic, Cormorant Roman, and Cormorant Upright.

The font name comes from the bird-type called cormorant which was an inspiration to the designer to draw similar curves on the letters of the font.

You can access the font type by downloading it for free and using it for free.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Ideal for texts in books
  • Looks great in pairing with other font types
  • Serves for printing purposes since it provides a modern and traditional touch at once
  • Businesses can use it for magazines, online magazines, and websites as well
  • Supports multiple languages


Final Thoughts

When designing your website or magazine for your business, choosing the right font type takes effort and time but can provide pleasure to the customers and increase their loyalty.

Different font types can detect the tone and the feeling that a business wants to convey without needing communication between the business and the customer.

There are options for best font for online store that are ideal for businesses who prefer a more serious and professional tone.

Available are also other fonts who are ideal for an easy-going, and more relaxing vibe.

When choosing the font type, businesses have to consider the audience that they want to reach and impact since some font types are ideal for customers from all backgrounds.

Businesses have to allocate the right amount of time to choose the font type for the business platforms since that could win a large customer base.

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