<h1>10 Best Fonts For Outlook Signature (Free & Paid)</h1>

10 Best Fonts For Outlook Signature (Free & Paid)

Make use of the best font for Outlook signature to lend a professional look to your email.

It’s an opportunity to add a graphic or descriptive element to every email you sign off. 

When you’re looking to expand, impress, and move forward with your brand or business, every little detail counts.

Each Outlook Signature can include, but is not limited to:

  • Contact details
  • Business information
  • Handwritten signatures
  • Electronic business cards
  • Social media links 
  • Images 
  • Your logo

There are also multiple free resources available online to help you create your Outlook Signature.

Are you looking to elevate your professional image or brand identity?

Then, having an Outlook signature that represents you or your business in both a unique and professional way will play a vital role.

It convinced your clientele of the authenticity of your brand and effectively helps you to stand out from the general crowd.

A successful font for your Outlook signature would include elements reinforcing your desired image while avoiding being contradictory or vague.

Thus, a sophisticated and elegant font to support a business specializing in fashion or interior design.

A more technical ,but equally important aspects to consider when choosing your Outlook Signature font are :

  • Compatibility with most computers
  • User-friendliness 

The fonts we will include in this article will be suitable for a range of purposes.

They will range from a sophisticated personal email to ambitious entrepreneurial ventures and solemn corporate business emails.

We hope this article will aid you in your search for the best font for Outlook signature for you or your brand.

1. Venti

best font for outlook signature


Connary Fagan crafted Venti.

Its playful, geometric and almost simplistic rounded edges give this font an endearing and relatable feel.

It does this without compromising its ability to be authoritative.

Venti’s engaging and warm character instantly draws the viewer in and invites you to continue reading.

This is a highly impactful attribute for a font. 

Moreover, its endearing character makes it an engaging, contemporary font.

In addition, it makes your brand identity competitive in an unassuming way.

With its historical use as a text in mainstream published media, it has become widely recognized.

Venti is a moderate, on-trend typeface that’ll bring a youthful, fun edge to a severe endeavor.

With this in mind, Venti will serve you well in fields of:

  • Modern publications
  • Cutting edge digital design
  • Compassionate humanities-related industries

This works perfectly for an Outlook Signature as it is contemporary and understated.

It offers free updates and bug fixes.

Venti is a sans-serif typeface with tabular numerals, fractions, and old style. 

Venti supports Latin and Cyrillic script and features eight weights and obliques, web front sample, and OTF files.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Playful and versatile
  • Relatable and inviting
  • Supports OTF files
  • Free updates and bug fixes 


2. Kudryashev

best font for outlook signature


Kudryashevskaya Entsiklopedicheskaya is the original name of this font.

We know it today simply as Kudryashev.

Nikolay Kudryashev created it with the assistance of Zinaida Maslennikova in 1960-1974.

Olga Umpeleva updated it in 2011, particularly the serif styles.

Isabella Chaeva and Alexandra Korolkova took care of revising the sans-serif styles in 2015.

Firstly, very much a headlining statement font, Kudryashev is subtly regal and decorative in its elegance.

Secondly, it makes use of high contrast and light faces to create a lasting impact on viewers.

Thirdly, it’s delicate strokes of curves highlight the robust linear features.

Although it sounds contradictory, it’s highly effective in complimenting one another.

Fourthly, this font is ideal for a business that wants to retain an air of dependability.

Therefore, a contemporary law firm to an indulgent spa and a cosmopolitan high-end restaurant will suit this font.

Fifthly, Kudryashev works well as an Outlook font as it is elegant and eye-catching.

Sixthly, it is often used in magazine layouts, logo design, eye-catching packaging, and many more large point sizes.

Seventhly, this font’s typeface comes in standard ligatures.

Finally, it supports up to 33 languages. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Graceful yet subdued
  • Doesn’t compromise style
  • Available in both serif and sans-serif
  • Works well for large displays


3. Courier

best font for outlook signature


Designed by Howard ” Bud” Kettler, the Courier font is instantly recognizable as the iconic font used for typewriting.

It has evolved along with technology to become a staple font found on most desktop computers to this day.

With its monospaced, practical character width, Courier conveys a feeling of being both strong yet neutral and carries its historical significance with ease.

Its legendary use in screenplay writing lends this font an artistic flair that encourages both creative and official usage. 

Hollywood studios only accept screenplays written in Courier 12.

With it’s understated, versatile look, Courier is immensely suitable for a wide range of professions .

It has historically demonstrated this through its usage for coding and screenplay writing.

It is even featured as the U.S State Departments chosen standard typeface up until 2004. 

While it’s not the most modern fonts, it retains a charming feel of old-world glamour without feeling outdated.

This font is monospaced and is characterized by its equal spacing between characters and rounded slab san serif typeface. 

Courier is a safe and reliable choice as it is widely available universally.

This font works as an OutLook signature because it is subtle and classy.

It has endless variants such as Courier New CE, Courier New Greek Courier New Baltic for increased legibility, and usage.

With Courier so widely used and available, it only makes sense that it is possible to download it free of charge.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Iconic
  • Simple design
  • Versatile nature
  • Internationally and historically recognized
  • Widely available 
  • Free of charge


4. Cabrito Contrast

best font for outlook signature


The original Cabrito font was designed by Jeremy Dooly for the impressive one-person Insigne Foundry and released in 2014.

Cabrito Contrast is a newly improved version of the original Cabrito. 

It has a perfectly restrained luxurious curves and rounded edges.

Cabrito Contrast has a bright, extravagant sensibility that translates to accessible, enjoyably readability.

While still maintaining its original light-hearted, elementary feel, the Cabrito Contrast has a cleaner, more minimalistic attitude than the original font. 

 It has a simplistic appeal that attracts a more casual audience looking for a fun font with high readability.

The light-hearted nature of this font brings an ideal youthful playfulness to any brand. 

This font will be great for:

  • An author specializing in children’s books
  • Arts and craft companies
  • A daycare facilitator
  • Many other childcare related brands

Cabrito Contrast is an ideal font for your Outlook Signature, as it is both playful and exciting.

It is a sans-serif font family that supports over 72 Latin based languages.

The font has both Italic and regular features and forms of the 54 fonts include old figures, ligatures, and a range of weights.

Cabrito has 48 styles, features 600 glyphs, It is available for download at starting prices of $ 25

Pros & Benefits:

  • Youthful and playful
  • Approachable and gentle
  • Regular and italic features
  • Supports 72 Latin based languages


5. Blueprint

best font for outlook signature


Steve Matteson designed the font Blueprint at the Monotype foundry.

The endless hard work of draftsmen inspired this font.

With such a robust character, it would be futile to deny Blueprint’s down to earth history, engaging flow and silent strength.

This font is would suit engineering and architectural firms, landscapers, electricians, and construction companies.

This font works well as an Outlook Signature as it is practical and straightforward.

The stylized, sans-serif, script style font features uppercase and lowercase alternatives with prime glyph numbers and characters.

Blueprint is available to download free of charge.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Architectural style
  • Rugged and practical feel
  • Handwritten script
  • Uppercase and lowercase alternatives


6. Above the Beyond


Debuting as recently as 2019, Above the Beyond was designed by Elena Genova and published by My Creative Land.

This tasteful signature brush script has a casual, handwritten flow that creates an atmosphere of romantic elegance through minimal effort.

 Above the Beyond presents an organic and dignified front that feels both creative and luxurious without compromising on professionalism.

With its refined, free-flowing style, Above the Beyond is ideally suited for creative, stylish endeavors.

These include:

  • A wedding photographer
  • Lifestyle blogger
  • Beauty related brands 

Above the Beyond is perfect for your Outlook Signature as it’s pretty and stylish.

Available in Regular and Italic styles, Above the Beyond is an Opentype font with shorter ascenders.

This font is suitable for branding and widely available on most desktop computers. 

A desirable quality of the Italic style of Above the Beyond is that it features many standard ligatures and calligraphic ones.

Above the Beyond is completely Unicode mapped and can work in any software.

Above the Beyond is available for download for $ 29

Pros & Benefits:

  • Organic and flowing
  • Stylishly sleek
  • Perfect for creatives
  • Available in regular and italic


7. Merlo


The typeface Merlo was designed by Blazej Ostoja Lniski and first published by Typoforge Studio, an independent design studio in Poland.

Interestingly enough, the creation of this font was inspired by a ” You and Me Monthly’ in the 1960’s.

Supported by its bold, effortless, clean lines and readability, Merlo possesses attractive, straightforward professionalism.

This font pays homage to the term “practical.”

It would support and strengthen a clinical, solemn brand.

One that is looking to improve its dignified appearances such as a dentistry practice, psychologist, or physician.

Merlo is an ideal Outlook Signature as it is dignified and makes a statement.

The sans-serif style Merlo is available in basic Latin, uses standard ligatures, and can use all alternates.

Merlo is available for free for personal use but must be bought for public usage.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Effortlessly bold
  • Solemn and earnest
  • Uses standard ligatures


8. Trenda


Trenda was created by the designer’s Daniel Hernandes and Paula Nazal Selaive, for the Chilean Foundry Latinotype.

True to its origins, this chic, distinctive and daring font owes its eye-catching personality to the innovative use of bold lettering. 

This undeniably confident font carries itself with self-sufficient ease.

It demands the attention of the most progressive and pioneering individuals in any industry.

Trenda font automatically adds strength and flair to any business.

It is no surprise that this self-assured font is notably popular with a more youthful, trend-conscious audience. 

This font is ideal for innovative, imaginative individuals and corporate companies.

Those looking to create a fashionable and memorable impact on their clientele.

Trenda is ideally suited for your Outlook Signature as it’s on-trend and bold.

This brand boasts an impressive 634 character set that can support 206 languages.

Trenda is a sans-serif typeface that offers matching Italics, is available in 8 weights.

It is also free of charge to download.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Progressive and impactful
  • Chic and trendy
  • Supports 206 languages


9. Roboto


Christian Robertson designed Roboto.

It was commissioned by Google to be made specifically to be the system font for Android.

Roboto’s look is simplistic and sleek with unmatched readability and packs a powerful punch in its recognizable familiarity. 

While Roboto’s look remains unassuming, its iconic use in Android systems lends it an unmistakably official air that politely demands to be taken seriously.

With its minimalistic look, Roboto is as functional and practical as fonts come.

This serves as an attractive quality for individuals or brands who prefer for their work to speak for themselves, uninterrupted. 

Taking into consideration its historical usage, this font would ideally suit Tech related businesses.

This font works for an Outlook Signature as it looks techy.

This sans-serif font uses an oblique style instead of italics and is available online free of charge.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Recognizable familiarity
  • No-fuss readability
  • Ideal for Tech related business


10. Courgette


The font Courgette was designed by Karolina Lach and published by Sorkin Type Co.

Firstly, it is characterized by its creative yet concise look.

Secondly, Courgette brings a playful, clean and fun element to any Outlook Signature. 

Moreover, it use of rounded script makes for an emotional visual experience that feels naturally free-flowing.

In addition to its creative qualities, this flexible font can convey an official and dignified feel to it in the most effortless manner.

Thirdly, Courgette’s balanced, adaptable, and stylized flow will help strengthen any business image.

A business that wants to add an aesthetically pleasing flair without compromising on professional integrity. 

For instance, this could be well suited for an upmarket beauty salon, a tourism business, and even a contemporary law firm.

Fourthly,Courgette is ideal for an Outlook Signature as its adaptable with flair.

Finally, Courgette is a cursive, handwritten, sans-serif Italic style font and is available for download.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Clean yet creative
  • Free-flowing style
  • Ideal for subtle creatives


Final Thoughts:

With such a wide variety of impactful fonts available, it is easy to be overwhelmed by choice. 

A simple and effective tactic to find the best font for Outlook signature is to outline what it is about you or your brand that you want to convey.

Once you have done so, you should have a more precise idea of the qualities you are searching for in a font.

Now, look for the fonts that embody and reflect your brand’s core values with natural ease.

Your Outlook Signature is the last thing a client sees and reads.

Taking the time to create an Outlook Signature that allows you to stand out from the crowd. 

My personal favorite would be the Trenda font.

I love its sharp curves and elegant lines.

I find its bold, yet simplistic design to be effortlessly eye-catching and timeless in style.

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