<h1>10 Best Fonts For A Portfolio Website (Free & Paid)</h1>

10 Best Fonts For A Portfolio Website (Free & Paid)

Your A+ work deserves only the best font for portfolio website.

If you’re reading this, then you are on the right track.

We have curated options for the best font for portfolio website that make your works standout.

Below are the most stunning, easy to read, new fonts, for your portfolio.

Enjoy reading!

 1. Aventa

best font for portfolio website


Ellen Luff, a creative typographer and freelancer based in London, United Kingdom crafted this font.

If your goal is to have a portfolio that has a contemporary and trendy feel to it, then, go for Aventa.

It is not only stunning to look at, but it’s also easy to read.

In all honesty, it seems like Aventa will never go out of style.

It is truly a timeless font.

You certainly can never go wrong with this font.

Get the license for it for 79$.

 Aventa works with all Adobe Products, such as:

  • InDesign
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop

Pros & Benefits:

  • Gives your portfolio a contemporary vibe
  • Best for people in the design industry
  • Eye-catching, easy to read 
  • Full western, eastern, and central Europe language support
  • Works with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and, Adobe InDesign


2. Radiate

best font for portfolio website


“… is a Humanist – Geometric Sans Serif fonts, Simple geometric letters shape, medium-contrast character style.” – Studio Sun

Studio Sun, located in Bali, Indonesia, designed this font in late 2018.

Firstly, this is a font style that is unique, hence, be confident that your portfolio will also be one of a kind.

Secondly, Radiate is a genuinely sophisticated font that will not only make your portfolio stand out, but also be very legible.

Therefore, this font will set your portfolio apart from the ordinary looking protfolios.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Supports Adobe products
  • Includes five font weights and four Widths in the OpenType version
  • Adequate for poster and advertisement agencies
  • Makes your portfolio stand out.
  • Supports Latin but also Greek characters

Thirdly, not many fonts support Greek characters as they do with the Latin ones.

That’s one of the reasons Radiate is highly appreciated and recommended.

Fourthly, if you want to write your portfolio in the Cyrillic script, you can also it easily with this font.

Fifthly,Radiate Sans font is perfect for those who specialize in poster and advertisement fields.

Sixthly, this font is legible even from a distance.

Finally, Radiate also works with all major Adobe products.


3. Avenir

best font for portfolio website


Adrian Frutiger created Avenir. published it.

At first glance look simple,but if you take a closer look, it is everything but simple.

This font is very vibrant, detailed, and precise, with a dynamic look.

Avenir also supports a ton of languages.

The specific number is 79 to be precise, including the most prominent and widely used languages.

This fact alone is outstanding.

It gives you the ability to write your portfolio in English and a variety of other languages.

Hence, your portfolio will be accessible to a mixture of other non-English-speaking individuals interested in your work.

If you want your portfolio to look confident and powerful, Avenir is the font to use.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Supports 79 languages
  • Makes your portfolio look confident and powerful
  • Flexible
  • A better alternative to other popular fonts
  • Linear sans-serif look
  • Great for creator working with billboards, posters, book covers, etc.

To sum up, Avenir has an outstanding language support system that is unparalleled.

It’s perfect to use for your portfolio if you want to maintain not just readability but also great asthetics..

Also, it’s highly recommended to creators who are working with posters, books, billboards, and other associated items.

We recommend you use it for your portfolio because it radiates confidence, power, and simplicity.


4. Aktiv Grotesk

best font for portfolio website


Dalton Maag crafted Aktiv Grotesk.

This font performs well on computer screens.

It is based on modern style, and it aims to provide a stylish alternative to Helvetica.

It’s the most suitable choice, in our opinion, for your online portfolio.

But fear not because it also performs very well in printed documents.

This font includes 16 different styles.

All of them give your portfolio a sleek, classic, modern, polished look.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Support 127 languages
  • Contains 16 styles
  • Favorable for platforms such as web, pdf, and designing platforms.
  • Supports Adobe products.
  • Makes your portfolio look crisp and clear
  • Used for designing purposes also

Aktiv Grotesk supports a variety of languages, 127 to be exact.

Arabic, Spanish, Russian, and Urdu are some of the languages included.

They are providing you with the ability to decide which language to use for your portfolio.

It also has a generous number of different styles that you can pick and choose from.

You can use the different methods to make your portfolio more outstanding and impressive to your clients.

Hence, you can maintain their interest.


 5. Swiss 721

best font for portfolio website


“…is a quintessential example of letterforms distilled to their essence while still possessing warmth and verve” – Bitstream.

Designed by Max Miedinger, launched by Bitstream Swiss 721 is a popular font, used widely.

It is a version of Helvetica, well you could fearlessly say that it’s a more modern version of Helvetica thus making it seem familiar but also futuristic.

Swiss 721 takes the spirit of mid 20th century sans serif typefaces.

It blends it with contemporary design cohesion and a methodical power range.

Swiss 721 contains 31 fonts, and it’s light BT font.

It’s best for digital Ads, web font, desktop, App, epub, and server.

Swiss upto 721 supports up to 92 different languages.

It is perfect for those who want their portfolio to look modern and timeless at the same time.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Support of 92 different languages
  • Provides your portfolio with a modern and classic look
  • Suitable for Desktop, Webfont, and Epub
  • Supports Cyrillic and Latin characters
  • Reliable support
  • Alternative to Helvetica

Swiss 721 is a member of the sans-serif family,.

To buy its license for commercial use and other purposes, you need to shell out 29$ to 49$.

This will give you access to multiple languages.

It is the perfect font to make your portfolio look more up-to-date, but also serious and elegant.


6. Hurme


Toni Hurme conceptualized Hurme in 2013 in Helsinki, Finland.

It includes 28 different styles of fonts, all of which are perfect portfolio font choices.

The fonts are licensed to be used for Desktop, Applications, Ebook, and Web Font.

Hurme contains seven weights, and it supports at least 21 languages.

This luxurious and elegant font is easy to read.

It will also give your portfolio a timeless elaborateness keeping your content legible.

Using this font, you are guaranteed that your portfolio will appear as you intended it to.

Your clients will appreciate you using this font.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Has seven weights
  • Makes your portfolio distinctive
  • Easy to read
  • Use with Desktop, Epub, Web Font, Ebook, Applications
  • Supports 21 languages

If you want to purchase it, you have to obtain a license that you can easily buy from their official website.

Purchasing all of their fonts will cost you around 249.0$, but that includes almost 28 fonts, so it’s a fair price.

They are working on expanding language support, which is quite limited.

It is an improvement that you should look upon since it will surely work in favor of your portfolio if necessary.

With Hurme, your portfolio will look distinctive in contrast to other portfolios.


 7. TT Hoves


Typetype, an independent typography design studio designed and published TT Hoves in 2019.

It covers practically all languages using the Latin alphabet, as well as a large number of languages using the Cyrillic alphabet.

The font’s system supports many languages, making it suitable if you also want a non-English portfolio.

It’s best suitable for people in the human science fields such as anatomy or biology.

Your portfolio will look up-to-the-minute, accomplished, and polished.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Supports 210 different languages
  • Makes your portfolio look polished
  • Contains Latin and Greek alphabet
  • Consists of 20 styles
  • Has ten weights
  • Consists of 10 italics
  • Suitable for every platform such as web, pdf and designing works
  • For use with game software, mobile apps, web apps, etc

TT Hoves is fundamentally designed for research and educational purposes

If you are interested in purchasing TT Hoves, the price is 149$ as a whole package

Discount is also available.

Selective purchase will cost you 39$ per font, which would be 29$ with a discount.

It supports many languages.

Currently, it supports 210 languages.


8. Playfair Display


Typography designer Claus Eggers Sørensen, based in Amsterdam, crafted Playfair Display.

The creator took inspiration from the writing of the late 18th century Europe.

Firstly, it is influenced by the designs of John Baskerville and from ‘Scotch Roman’ designs.

Secondly, Playfair Display lends a vintage, elegance, modesty, and out-of-this-world pure beauty to any work.

Thirdly, it performs best with digital work, prints, and commercial designs and performs amazingly with many other artistic creations.

Fourthly, Playfair Display supports all the languages spoken in Europe using the Latin script.

Fifthly, it also supports the Cyrillic glyphs that are used in Russian languages.

Sixthly, if you want your portfolio to look retro and elegant, you will adore using this font.

Even though it’s inspired by the 18th century, it seems to appeal more to the millennial demographics.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Support all European languages
  • Makes your portfolio retro vintage
  • Designed and structured typography
  • Best for digital and printing purposes
  • Suited for Titling and Headlines

Seventhly, as you might already know, to use his fonts for commercial purposes, you have first to obtain a license granted by the creator.

Finally, it’s designed to work well with titles and headlines by having an extra-large x-height and short descenders.


9. Open Sans


“… provides an open form, neutral but still friendly look to users. – Google

Steve Matteson designed Open Sans.

Google commisioned it and released it in 2011.

Open Sans is a humanist sans-serif typeface flawless for your portfolio.

This font is readable even at a small size.

The font comes in a different light, regular, italic, and bold letters.

The font keeps its sophistication and readability throughout all its styles and weights.

Open Sans is the perfect mixture between simplicity and sophistication.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Commissioned by Google
  • A simple classic portfolio that clients enjoy
  • Top one of the best-selling font of all time
  • Suited for web, printing, mobile UI/UX, and other related things
  • Best for mobile designers, apps and more
  • Contains five weights
  • Supports a variety of different languages

This font is popular with developers, such as smartphone application designers and website designers.

It is also a popular portfolio font to use due to its clarity, easy to understand, and pure nature.


10. Futura PT


Isabella Chaeva and Vladimir Yefimov design Futura PT.

Futura PT is a sans serif font family.

This was published by ParaType and typeface has twenty-two styles and .

It contains a wide variety of weights and widths.

Futura PT supports up to 101 languages, including Spanish, English, Portuguese, Russian, German, and other languages.

This font is a truly different font.

It supports many languages.

Futura PT is best for digital and printing purposes.

It is used in Logos, PDf’s, Websites, and other commercial designs.

Moreover, it is used in headlines or body forms.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Supports the maximum number of languages
  • Makes your portfolio look simple and stylish
  • Has 22 styles
  • Contains the Latin and the Cyrillic alphabet
  • Famous and time-honored font
  • Used for digital and print purposes

Futura PT is a widely used font and 

It’s one of the best selling fonts.

It supports many languages and they provide customer support as well.

This font has many kinds of weights and widths.


Final Thoughts

Make your website standout by using the best font for portfolio website.

It is but logical not to leave out any detail to chance.

My favorite font from our list is Aventa.

I love that it is modern looking and very legible.

Have you chosen your font for your website?

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