<h1>10 Best Fonts For Album Covers</h1>

10 Best Fonts For Album Covers

Looking for the best fonts for album covers?

This article is relevant to anyone working with a band or singer who is keen to promote sales of their work.

As a musician, you will know that an expressive album cover is like putting a face to the music within. 

It is the greatest opportunity to attract new listeners to your music and select your album over the competing stack.  

Graphic designers have to produce original, well-designed covers that are in tune with the musician’s identity and that defines them in accordance with their sound.

Just like color, imagery and style, typography is one of the key components in the successful design of an album cover.  

From the iconic to the eye-catching, from the classic to the inspirational, it is the blend of each element that will evoke the required emotion from the design.

The choice of an innovative font can communicate personality powerfully when  used effectively.  

But how do you choose a successful font, one which will communicate visually and not always brazenly. 

Professional branding for the band or music which you want to promote depends on how you wish to communicate your message.

In this article we shall be looking at 10 options for the best fonts for album covers.

These should give the graphic designer choices.

Furthermore, they would be able to  embrace creativity to be incorporated into their album artwork.

1. Honey And Mint

best font for album cover


Elegant and stylish, this Serif font duo is perfect for branding projects, magazines, and invitations.

DezignArk discovered and created this font.

it is a true type font that can be scaled up with no loss of quality.

Both font files in the download  include uppercase and lowercase. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Sans Serif and Serif font duo
  • Ideal for logo projects, album and book covers
  • Scale up without losing quality


2. Rugrats

best font for album cover


American designer Jayde Garrow created this font in 2013.

Its popularity stems from the informal typeface which gives the effect of childish handwriting. 

Use this font for album and book covers, banners, certificates, cards, all types of stationery and for clothing.  

The font contains 68 characters from the Basic Latin character range and 67 glyphs and is available only in regular style.

It is a versatile and easily readable font family with multiple kinds of numerals and text.

Rugrats works well when combined with a Sans Serif Font.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Casual and informal 
  • Popular for album covers
  • Can be combined with other fonts


3. Neutral Face

best font for album cover


The Polish creator Vadym Axieiev offers its users free commercial use of the Neutral Face font. 

Neutrality infers a lack of emotion and this is the exact reason that this is such a powerful font.

It gives nothing away and is unquestionably clear and open. 

Neutral Face is a fantastic font, one that conveys an elegant, effective message.  

You can be assured of a result that is high end, contemporary, and profession wherever you use it.

This Sans Serif Swiss style font offers both basic and extended Latin and basic Cyrillic letter styles in bold and regular weights, as well as open type alternatives available for the Latin alphabet.

This stylish font can be successfully applied to a wide range of end use. 

Neutral Face is well suited for use in album and book covers, apparel, layout design presentations.

You can use this also for branding and any situation where the message needs to be conveyed in a clear and transparent format.  

It pairs well with other typefaces, including gothic, handwriting and script.

Headlines or text, this versatile font works!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Multipurpose
  • Simple and stylish
  • Pair with other fonts successfully
  • Popular, classic choice for album art


4. Wired

best font for album cover


Brazilian-born Marcelo Reis Melo designed the Wired font. 

This font is created from a single line drawing, and it is both fresh and innovative.  

Extremely modern, it is produced in open type font (OTF) enabling resizing without losing quality.

The Wired font is ideally suited to album covers because of its stylish, modern look.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Very cool
  • Minimalistic
  • Geometric
  • Ideally suited to branding, labels, music
  • Great for modern display headline


5. Cobaissi

best font for album cover


Cobaissi is a Serif typeface suitable for modern design purposes.  

Soft curves combine with high contrast glyphs. 

It is an elegant and adaptable font which can be softened with the curves or kept minimal.

Great for layout design in body copy, this font comes with multilingual support and free personal and commercial use. 

Although it can be matched with other fonts, being a Serif type, it works well as a stand-alone font.

Unblast curates the best design resources from around the world and Cobaissi is an example of inspirational design and creativity.  

More classic capital letters are offered as well as versions with discrete curves which can be mixed and matched as desired for optimum effect.

The OTF and TTF formats enable resizing and scaling of the font without loss of quality.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Great for branding, packaging, illustration, 
  • Open and Transparent making it easily legible
  • High contrast glyphs


6. Skandinavia

best font for album cover


Indonesian designer Teguh Kharanda created this is a contemporary font that comes with its own cultural heritage.  

Vintage, retro, nostalgic with unique lowercase, uppercase, numbers and symbols. 

As a Sans Serif, it can be combined with other fonts, or just worked creatively on its own. 

It can be used dramatically in music, posters and banners.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Great for fashion, promotion, banner decoration 
  • Because it is created as OTF and TTF, it can be scaled and resized without any loss of quality
  • Can be combined with other fonts


7. Juana

best font for album cover


South American designer Eli Hernandez created this type face which is the accomplishment of several years of font development.

Juana is a stylish, ornamental serif font which has become more sophisticated than its original version, but retains the style and harmony of its ancestor.  

It is available in 8 weights, in italics and with an alternative version. 

This font set supports over 200 Latin based languages.  

Being a Serif font, it is not so often found combined with other fonts.

Pros & Benefits:

  • ideal to use for branding, 
  • Great for logos, magazines, editorial
  • Supports over 200 Latin-based languages


8. Versus

best font for album cover


Chilean Marcelo Moya Ochoa designed Versus which is a cool and mean font. 

There are nine styles and the font is inspired by Chilean wrestling.

There is room for fun within.  

Versatile with its many alternate glyphs, ligatures, weights and widths has personality, charisma and attitude in abandon.

University of Chile developed this font and it has 8 weights from ultra light to extra black and extended 614 glyphs.

Support is included for the languages of Western Europe, Central/Eastern Europe, the Baltic States, Turkey, Romania – 200 in all.

It is a Unicase typeface derived from Latin American wrestling.  

It looks great when applied to short and block text.

Versus is a Sans Serif font.   

As well as the possibility of incorporating different fonts, the use of different weights give a wide range of design.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Versus is ideally suited to branding design
  • The complete ligature set gives personality and identity
  • Scale up or down without loss of quality


9. Made Soulmaze

best font for album cover


This font is a collection of 5 fonts created for music movies and entertainment.

Made Type designed and shared this font with collections which complement and provide elegant text created for powerful graphics.

Made Soulmaze was created to make a statement. 

It includes 5 fonts which are perfect for fashion, photography, and album covers.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Has 3 fonts styles
  • Brush Display and Display Sans font
  • Price starts at $19


10. Strenuous

best font for album cover


This is a font family designed to get noticed. and is available in 8 weights and italics.

It still portrays “cool”.  

A Unicase, grunge and Sans Serif font, some letters have alternate versions in uppercase and lowercase.

This is perfect for the fashion industry.

Apply Strenuous to music, branding, video games and graphics where it works best.

The film Black Eye inspired this font.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Install fonts on a computer
  • Being part of a larger font family, these fonts make a good choice for fashion, music and video applications
  • Letters have alternate version in uppercase and lowercase


Final Thoughts 

There is excessive choice in the world of fonts and that you can’t evaluate the quality of music of an album by its cover artwork.

The world of album cover art is, like the fashion world, subject to fickle trends in styles across the decades.  

And the purpose of album cover art has changed enormously since its heyday. 

Since vinyl sales gave way to CD sales, CD sales have now dwindled too due to the ever present music streaming services from.

The role of an album cover now is no longer essential to protect, package and identify the music or its genre, nor the artist or song.  

In the world of 2020, the album cover stands alone as a piece of art in its own right – to accompany not identify.

The choice of font depends not only on the music genre, but how the font is used.

Play it safe or play it wild.

These options for the best fonts for album covers are surely perfect for you.

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