<h1>10 Best Font For Photography Logos</h1>

10 Best Font For Photography Logos

If you’re looking for the best fonts for photography logos, you’re in the right place.

Photography logos can be a tricky thing to do.

Aside from branding design and strategies, photography is subjective yet an artistic art.

The importance of branding strategies should not be ruled out, especially in creating logos for an artistic and creative brand.

With this, even the tiniest details in fonts are crucial as part of its design.

This guide will help beginning photography firms, which struggle financially and can’t afford an experienced branding designer yet.

If you’re a photographer who has inner artistic and graphic design capabilities, this guide can be handy to assist you in creating your own brand logo.

Let’s dive deep and see the best fonts for photography logos available in the market.

1. Mango

best fonts for photography logos


Sans and Sons published and designed Mango.

In 2012, it was launched by the name Swistblnk, and it was relaunched in 2019 as Sans and Sons.

Mango is a wedding font and it’s useful along with boho and modern themed events.

It’s a Serif font giving off a very decorative yet elegant and corporate looking style.

It has a creative feature in small letters, sentence cases, and all capital letters.

For instance, in capital letter a, it has a curved feature in contrast with a normal Serif typeface.

Additionally, it comprises evident alternating thick and thin strokes.

Since this is a modern font, it’s appropriate for any modern-themed photoshoots, audiovisual presentations, blogs, and graphic materials.

Despite its creative features, it’s appropriate in minimalistic themes as well.

Mango is usually used as headlines of fashion and travel magazines.

It also works in postcards, campaign materials, and promotional graphics, especially for travel and leisure purposes.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Mango is available in ligatures and several languages
  • It’s available for download as OTF, TTF, and WOFF
  • Mango has four fonts, and all are user-friendly in any software
  • For alternate letters, you must ensure to understand how your program works since using them might be a little different


2. Botanica

best fonts for photography logos


Botanica came from New Tropical Design Studio headed by Tom Cunningham.

It’s a boutique design studio known to create fonts along with graphics, illustrations, and pre-make designs.

The designers focus on creating minimalist and modern designs, and some of their creations were featured and used by international brands.

One of their selected and most famous clients is Adobe.

This font shows off a minimalist and decorative style.

Its alternating thick and thin strokes is what makes Botanica a chic font while maintaining the clean and neat appearance of the font.

The font reflects feminism and a womanly mood due to its carefree yet elegant style.

Botanica is a Sans Serif font which comprises geometric strokes, but it’s decorative enough to make your creations look chic and stylish.

It is perfect for any decorative piece.

This font works best in fashion magazines, travel blogs, and posters promoting a woman’s lifestyle.

However, despite its feminine style, it’s an extremely flexible font useful in almost every decorative piece, such as invitations and fancy greeting cards.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It’s an Open Type Font (OTF) and available as EPS, WOFF, and AI file types
  • Aside from getting the Botanica font, it also comes with AI logo templates
  • The free logo templates are created to add a more feminine touch to any project
  • This is available in multiple licenses, mainly as web, desktop, e-publications, and applications with varying prices


3. Athena

best fonts for photography logos


Ellen Luff created Athena.

As a member of Creative Cloud, she possesses quite an experience in typeface design.

She continuously learns and creates font designs as a way of curating new font combinations.

Noteworthy, she experienced working with huge clients, particularly ESPN, Netflix, and HBO.

Athena is a Sans Serif font accompanied by clean strokes and geometrically equal lines.

Its strokes are a combination of alternating thin and thick lines creating a decorative appearance.

It’s a slightly strong font due to its medium thick lines.

It also has a unique curvy feature in letters with curves like a and o.

As per Ellen’s description, it’s created to meet both beauty and function.

This font is useful in both corporate and decorative pieces.

For instance, Athena works in business cards and formal invitations and meetings one-pagers.

Despite being a decorative font, it still remains to look professional.

It’s rarely used as headlines, but it works best in fashion magazines, posters, and typography creations.

With its different types, it’s useful as headlines and body copy.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It’s a huge collection with 10 font styles, mainly inline, book, and italic
  • There’s an available font for almost everything ranging from corporate and formal projects to creating the most creative pieces
  • Athena is available in all Latin languages as well
  • It also offers different types of licenses from desktop to application utilization and downloadable as a TTF file


4. Playfair Display

best fonts for photography logos


The principal designer of Playfair Display is Claus Eggers Sørensen, a Danish typeface designer.

Aside from being a typeface designer, he also does art design and commercial art direction.

No wonder Playfair Display belongs to one of the best fonts for photography purposes.

Playfair Display is a Serif font with a touch of decor, elegance, and professionalism.

It consists of playful edges, as seen in letters y and r.

The decorative curls in several letters make it look chic and classic.

Additionally, some of the symbols, such as the ampersand (&), comprise different and fun designs suitable for creative purposes.

Despite the decorative ambiance, Playfair Display is also a decent font to use in corporate materials.

Due to its natural and wavy appearance, this font works best in wedding and travel photoshoot or audiovisual presentations.

Debutants might fall in love with the font, especially if your firm is focused on these kinds of themes.

Besides, photography materials, it’s also appropriate to use in creative spaces, such as scrapbooks and collages.

Also, Playfair Display, along with related fonts, is seen to be utilized in invitations as well.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Playfair Display is a versatile font perfect not only for creative pieces but also works with formal and body texts
  • It supports Cyrillic Glyphs, including Russian and Ukrainian, and Latin languages as well
  • There’s an 8 arrow set available as well
  • This is under Open Font License, which allows artists to use Playfair Display for free under certain restrictions


5. Lora

best fonts for photography logos


Cyreal, a collaborative platform for Multi Script Typography, created Lora.

Cyreal has created different fonts with a wide range of styles, uses, and language availability.

Despite focusing on Multi Script Typography, Cyreal has fonts for web designs and children’s literature as well.

The Lora Font Family is a Serif font comprising straight and balanced weights.

Though the alternating weights are evident, it comes from being a Serif, which consists of a tail or feet at the edges of each letter.

This is easily readable and has a strong font ambiance because of its weight.

Its weight is what makes it a unique Serif perfect for any photographic materials.

This font is useful in both headlines and subtitles or small-sized texts.

Depending on the context, it works as an overpowering headline that catches the attention of the audience or a minimalist one to preserve the simplicity of the subject.

As for photography purposes, this font is appropriate for creative and formal themes, especially for casual celebrations.

It’s also useful in photo albums or creative materials with or without photo accompaniment.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Lora is available in Cyrillic and Latin languages
  • It has varied weights and styles, particularly regular, medium, semi-bold, and bold
  • This is under Open Font License as well from Google Fonts, and it’s appropriate to use along with Roboto, Lato, and Raleway
  • It can be downloaded as a TTF file and can be used as a desktop, Webfont, and application font


6. Noto Sans

best fonts for photography logos


Steve Matteson is the creator of Noto Sans, currently under Google Fonts.

He is a typeface designer, letterpress printer and presently handles the US Design Studio, Monotype.

He has quite an experience in typeface design as he designed over 80 font families at the age of 56.

Some of his works are for some huge brands, including Toyota and Microsoft.

Noto Sans is a creative font.

Despite the unique and slightly decorative features, Noto Sans remains to provide a formal and corporate appearance.

The simplicity of the font makes it neat and suitable for minimalist art pieces as well as photography materials.

It belongs to the Sans Serif family.

Several letters such as t, r, and f have a unique detail separating Noto Sans among other Sans Serif fonts.

While Noto Sans is commonly seen on websites, it’s also a perfect match for your photographic pieces.

This font is perfect to use as captions and small-sized texts.

Though this also works in large-sized texts and headlines depending on the context.

As per its features, this is suggested to use in documentary films and formal projects since it gives off a serious and straightforward mood.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Noto Sans has four styles, mainly regular, regular italic, bold, and bold italic
  • It supports over 30 scripts following recent updates, and it’s available in Greek, Latin, and Cyrillic languages
  • It’s under the Apache License, Version 2.0, which requires some legal work before acquiring Noto Sans


7. Catalina

best fonts for photography logos


Kimmy Kirkwood created Catalina and is under Kimmy Design.

She is always passionate about creating her own font, and now Kimmy Design has over 29 families.

Though she loves typography, Catalina also works in photographic materials.

Catalina is a large font family comprising both Sans Serif and Serif.

This is a decorative design with a slim yet chic appearance.

Considering the variety of Catalina, each style possesses a unique, creative design.

For instance, the Catalina Avalon Slab is a sSerif with a bold inline.

As for the Catalina Script Light, it’s a cursive decorative font that looks like adorable handwriting.

Moreover, it has additional features, such as banners and arrows perfect for calligraphies and typographies.

This is not just perfect for photography materials, but it works well in any decorative and fancy projects.

In cases of films, video presentations, and photo essays, Catalina is appropriate with non-serious and fun subjects, such as birthday celebrations, anniversaries, and any children’s gathering.

Since this is a fun font, children will adore the style, especially the scripts and inline variety.

Besides, it suits headers in calligraphy and typography art styles.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Catalina supports different languages, particularly European, Turkish, Romanian, and Baltic
  • It’s also available in over 968 glyphs and complex character sets
  • With over 34 styles, Catalina offers a vast amount of weights and designs suitable to almost any creative creations
  • This is available for a variety of licenses, including application, web font, and desktop license


8. Raski

best fonts for photography logos


Pixilate created and published Raski.

Pixilate is a typeface foundry founded by Kemie Guaida in 1996.

Since childhood, she noticed her passion for fonts, and in 1998 she started creating and designing fonts for different clients under Pixilate.

Most of her creations are unique, creative, and decorative in nature.

Raski is created to mimic handwriting, but Kemie Ortega made it readable even if it’s a narrow font.

This is an artistic font, which belongs to the Sans Serif typeface.

With its different styles, it will look like an artist uses varied ballpoint pens.

To exemplify, when using Raski Light, its appearance might reflect a person using a faulty pen in writing.

But all varieties are readable, disregarding the design.

It’s appropriate to use in fun and delightful events, such as Thanksgiving and surprise parties.

This gives a homely and comfortable feeling, especially for small gatherings with family and closest friends.

The same context goes with photoshoots and audiovisual presentations.

Moreover, this is appropriate for chalkboards used as a menu for some restaurants and local food and beverage establishments like cafes.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It has six styles, including light, condensed, and regular
  • It supports European languages, even some ligatures as well
  • Raski has a wide-character availability despite not supporting all symbols
  • Its licenses include mobile applications, server use, web, eBook, desktop, and digital ad


9. Madelyn

best fonts for photography logos


Fontfabric designed Madelyn.

Svet Simov founded Fontfrabric in 2008, and presently, it has five typeface designers.

Jacklina Jecova specifically created Madelyn.

Their works have been recognized internationally, and it’s one of the bestselling studios within the worldwide market.

Besides designing and selling fonts, they also host workshops and educational talks about typeface design.

Madelyn is another handwritten-like script.

This is a cursive font with carefree yet elegant strokes.

It has excellent readability as per a script, considering some overly decorated scripts are not easy to read.

Madelyn has elegant strokes in each letter, especially in sentence case forms and with the letters y, g, d, l, and m.

It provides a personal touch since it mimics handwriting while maintaining the natural ambiance of the font.

This is perfect for personal use, such as customized greeting cards, invitations, letters, and postcards.

However, in terms of photography purposes, Madelyn works best in a personal yet fun and creative photoshoot.

For audiovisual presentations, it might be more appropriate to use in personal events, such as weddings and birthday celebrations with the family and closest friends.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Madelyn has four styles which includes mainly regular and fill regular
  • Despite the limited styles, it’s available in over 92 languages, including German, Russian, and Polish
  • It supports over 100 ligatures as well
  • Its licensing includes web font, eBook, desktop, and application


10. Made Mirage

best fonts for photography logos


Maxim Schepin and Denis Schepin created Made Mirage, published under MadeType.

Both of them founded MadeType, which is based in Krasnoyarsk, Russia.

Their fonts are usually featured in blogs and articles.

Though they share some creations like Made Mirage, they also have their own font designs.

Made Mirage is an elegant Serif typeface font.

Despite its minimalistic style, it possesses a tail and the edges of each letter.

This is easily readable even in its lightest variety, particularly Made Mirage Thin.

It has alternating thin and thick strokes, but the light strokes are more evident in horizontal lines, as seen in letters e, h, and l.

Its wide spacing makes it look neat and simple, perfect for modern and minimalistic projects.

This font is perfect for travel catalogs, postcards, and audiovisual presentations.

Though this is usually used in fashion magazines and lifestyle blogs, Made Mirage is a flexible font perfect for your photography ideas.

Since this provides a contemporary ambiance, it’s also appropriate in urban typographies and photoshoots.

Made Mirage works in architectural books, blogs, and any material with photos because of its simplicity and modern ambiance.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Made Mirage supports approximately 350 character sets
  • It has five styles, particularly thin, medium, bold, and black
  • It supports over 67 languages, including Latin, Czech, and Vietnamese
  • Its licensing is available in web use, desktop, eBook, and mobile application


Final Thoughts

With these fonts, which are not merely perfect for photography materials and projects alone, it might still be a difficult choice to make for some.

If you’re still having doubts about what to choose, Playfair Display might be the safest and most practical choice since it extends to be a decorative font and some styles are useful in corporate and formal themes.

Additionally, it comes with creative figures, which are useful to give your projects a creative touch.

In the end, each font is dependent on the context of the photography logos, and choosing a font is best served to be a case-to-case basis.

So what are you waiting for?

Get one of these best fonts for photography logos and start creating your own.

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