The Best League Spartan Font Pairing Guide For Artists

The Best League Spartan Font Pairing Guide For Artists

If you’re a person who works on many artistic projects, your biggest concerns are probably the fonts and other League Spartan font pairing.

Choosing and pairing fonts that will work and match appropriately with everything in your design is a tough decision.

The font you choose is an essential thing in your work since the letters are the first thing people spot when they see an ad, flyer, brochure, Instagram capture, and similar stuff.

What’s even more difficult is the combining of the fonts in a particular project.

When this is the case, you have to be very careful because the fonts you choose will represent you and your designs.

Meaning, your projects’ popularity will mostly depend on your choices of fonts.

Do not fret.

We will help you know more and find font matches to your League Spartan font.

In this article, we’ve listed all the things and details you have to know about League Spartan font pairing.

We will also provide you direct links that you may immediately use without wasting time on research. 

What Fonts Pair Well With The League Spartan Font?

The League Spartan font is a bold, geometric sans serif.

It has unique shapes and touches that made the font the most wanted typeface worldwide. 

If you know the League Spartan features, you won’t be surprised that most people choose this font for their designs. 

The problem arises when you start thinking about the font’s possible combination with other types of fonts. 

This is not an easy choice because adding different letters may ruin your design and even make you look like an amateur. 

To save yourself the trouble, you can use the tested combination, which has proven to work perfectly. 

League Spartan With Libre Baskerville

The ideal match to League Spartan font pairing is Libre Baskerville.

A type of serif font that makes the content easily readable and artistic, and elegant. 

This is the most popular blend of fonts that people make when it comes to the Spartan League therefore, we put it at the top. 

Pablo Impallari from the Impallari Type Foundry has created the Libre Baskerville, a traditional font characterized by an elegant style. 

It’s based on the initial American Type Baskerville of 1941.

However, its features are now modified and adapted to work well on a digital screen, especially suitable for e-content.  

The font is optimized for body text, meaning you can easily use it for long content, like texts for articles, magazines, books, etc. 

Libre Baskerville contains less contrast, wider counters, and a taller x-height.

Therefore, it’ll look great both on print and digital projects. 

The texture of the font is airy and light, so you can use it for many purposes. 

Since Libre Baskerville is characterized by elegance, we can safely say that you won’t regret using the font even in invitations, greeting cards, and everything related to classy stuff. 

If you’re using League Spartan for your titles or subheadings, then the Libre Baskerville would work well on the longer text that follows. 

Libre Baskerville offers three styles – Regular 400, Regular 400 Italic, and Bold 700. 

It contains different kinds of characters, numerals, and symbols used in various content types. 

League Spartan With Roboto 

Even though the Libre Baskerville is on the top when it comes to combinations of fonts, that doesn’t mean that other fonts won’t work perfectly because they absolutely will. 

This is another popular combination with the League Spartan font since Roboto belongs to the serif font family. 

Christian Robertson designs Roboto.

This typeface is unique because of its dual nature. 

It’s characterized by large geometric shapes and a mechanical skeleton, combined with open and friendly curves. 

Because of these unique shapes, reading the content is quite easy and more natural than other fonts out there. 

It isn’t heavy on the eyes even in longer texts, and it doesn’t compromise the letters’ forms. 

You can use the font in different kinds of content, and because of its features, you can use it on various types of projects and materials. 

Roboto is proven to work magically on digital content.

It’ll also look great on printed materials, whether it comes to paper, wood, or glass. 

If you intend to combine it, then the best choice you can make is using Roboto for body text and using League Spartan for titles, subheadings, or slogans.

It contains 12 styles, and you can choose from versions of Thin, Light, Regular, Medium, Bold, and Black.  

Roboto supports both the Latin and the Cyrillic alphabet, you can consider it for translations or similar things. 

League Spartan With Roboto Slab

This font belongs to the font family of Roboto but some features may bring different effects on your projects in combination with the League Spartan. 

The Roboto Slab is created and designed by Christian Robertson, and at some points, it is similar to Roboto.

Nevertheless, it offers unique features that can lead to a possible new vision of your project. 

This font offers geometric shapes with open curves.

This makes the content easily readable without compromising the letter shapes and without losing its uniqueness. 

Roboto Slab gives the text a natural rhythm, and it makes the content quite exciting and joyful. 

If you’re using just one font in your designs, then there are numberless projects where you can apply this font. 

In case of a combination with other fonts with League Spartan, then these letters would look great on longer texts. 

Its features and modifications are perfectly suitable for on-screen reading without being heavy on the eyes. 

Furthermore, you can use it in books, or magazines, especially if their content is related to something artistic. 

The combination of these two fonts can lead to a marvelous creation.

In which not only will the fonts match but also the message you want to convey with your design. 

When it comes to combinations of fonts, every little detail must be considered, otherwise, you’ll lose the effect of your design. 

Where Can I find These Fonts?

Out on the Internet, there are different versions of these fonts.

Most of them aren’t reliable, so you’ll need to waste your time until you find the right ones. 

Also, sometimes the websites that contain the fonts may not be secured, so you might get some viruses onto your computer. 

Additionally, some of the websites offer the links you need.

However, the installation process may be complicated, which can be quite annoying. 

To avoid these issues, we have included links that will immediately direct you to the wanted fonts, where you can download them and use them right away. 

Libre Baskerville is free both for personal and commercial use, so you won’t need to spend a buck on this fantastic font. 

Use it on printed or digital products and projects, but you should remember that selling the font is illegal. 

The typeface is under the Open Font License, so if some versions may ask you to purchase them, you shouldn’t rely on them. 

This may be a scam, and nowadays, those are quite common on the Internet. 

If you’re interested in Roboto, you should consider yourself lucky since this font is also free, and you don’t have to pay for any other versions. 

By downloading the file, you’ll get the full version of the font with all its features.

This font is under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

It can be used freely on different kinds of personal or commercial designs. 

The last one from our list, the Roboto Slab, is also available through an open-source license and it is FREE.

Just click the download button, and you can start experimenting with your projects right away. 

The installation process is a “piece of cake”, so you won’t waste much time, and you’ll undoubtedly have fun with your new letters. 

Why The Combination Of Serif And Sans Serif Is A Perfect Match?

Like everything in life, even the fonts work better with balance.

Therefore this combination of serif and sans serif is considered yin yang in the font world. 

To put two fonts on the same project means to create a balance and create an environment where they can work together instead of competing with one another and ruin your design.  

Serif and Sans Serif belong to two different categories.

Each of them includes different characters, symbols, and shapes, which, when combined, give the perfect unity. 

If we talk about a serif font, then we know that there are a few feet at the characters’ ends, while the sans serif fonts don’t contain these feet. 

Since serif fonts are created first, they’re considered to have a more traditional style.

On the other hand,  the sans serif fonts are designed, and later, they’re considered modern fonts.

This means that this pairing creates the perfect balance in the world of fonts.

That’s why it is considered a killer combination with a unique outcome. 

The key to successful pairing is to provide the spotlight for one font while the other is more in the background. 

For example, if you’re using one bold font, you can’t use another one because that may lead to a heavy look of the content and greatly ruin your design. 

This balance between fonts isn’t easily achievable.

That is why you have to take your time deciding which one you want to use in combination with others. 

It’s a fact that this is a difficult task.

Moreover, you have to keep in mind that the fonts are the most essential features of your projects.

That they’re the ones that might or might not increase the projects’ worth; therefore, be careful in your selection. 

Typography Features 

To understand how combining works, you have to know how typography functions the best. 

A few features of a font play an important role in pairing fonts.

Therefore, you have to be familiar with them to be sure that you won’t make the wrong combination. 

Firstly, you have to think about the terminal, i.e., the curve that defines the stroke’s end, either straight or curved, but it doesn’t have a serif. 

Secondly, you have to pay attention to the x-height, which forms the height from the baseline to the lowercase mean line letter. 

Another important feature is the counter, which refers to the curved letters, i.e., round, like “P” and “B”. 

Furthermore, you have to think about the baseline, i.e., the place on which the letter stands on, which has to be in line with the shapes of the letters. 

Descender line is the portion of the letter that comes below the baseline – an invisible line that marks the lowest point in a font. 

The ascender line is the opposite of the descender line, and it marks the highest point in a font. 

Finally, you have to consider the stem, which is the main stroke in a letter, and it’s usually vertical. 

As you can see, these are the key elements that’ll help you in your pairing, so you would know if you’re making the right choices. 

Some may be surprised by the details you have to consider in pairing fonts, but if you want to be thorough, you have to think of all these features. 

About League Spartan 

The League Spartan font is a new, revolutionary sans serif font, which offers unique features and will surely take your projects to the next level. 

League Spartan was designed in collaboration with Matt Bailey and Mirko Velimirovic.

They’ve created a great, historical typeface, which contains unique touches of elegance.

The font itself can be used for different purposes.

You have to be creative and willing to experiment with your projects. 

It’s a bold font that can be suitable for numberless projects, starting from logos and promotional materials to clothes and prints. 

This font is simple, which makes it unique and suitable for various things. 

In the case of the pairing, as we mentioned before, this font looks great with serif fonts, which can be used for long texts. 

On the other hand, League Spartan is more suitable for titles, subheadings, slogans, brand names, and logos. 

The combination with serif fonts is remarkable, and if you decide to try it, you won’t regret it since you’re going to have so much fun. 

The font includes an excellent character set with more than 300 glyphs, including symbols, numerals, and punctuation marks. 

Multiple styles and weights characterize League Spartan, so your options are unlimited when it comes to designing. 

The League Spartan is under the Open Font License, which means you can get the font for free and commercial use. 

The font supports most of the Latin languages that use the Latin alphabet. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the League Spartan font pairing isn’t an easy task and you have to think thoroughly before making two fonts work together. 

We can conclude that to combine two fonts, you have to create a balance because balance is the key factor in this kind of pairing.

Therefore you can’t put anything to stand together and expect to have a good outcome. 

Besides matching two fonts in their style, you also have to match the message you want to send to the public.

You need to make sure that the design you’ve created with a particular font is in line with the message you want to send with your design. 

Do note that there isn’t a playbook by which you can make the perfect pairing, so have an open mind when choosing a font pair.

Just keep in mind all of the key features that play an essential role in the pairing process, and think about the things you want to include in your project – that way, you won’t make a mistake. 

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