<h1>What Is The Miami Vice Font And Where Can I Get It?</h1>

What Is The Miami Vice Font And Where Can I Get It?

Do you love the Miami Vice font?

How can a font, taken from a TV show based on Miami of the ’80s, drive through 2021?

Well, it sure is fancy vintage and captivating nonetheless, but, hey!

Who said that vintage is a synonym for boring?!

Just wait till you read the story behind the font.

What Gave The Inspiration?

If you are passionate about movies of the ’80s, you surely would be familiar with the famous Miami Vice of 1984. 

It was a television series produced for the NBC network by Michael Mann.

The show became famous for its rich integration of pop music and visual effects to portray life in Miami.

The TV series has starring Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas.

These two Metro-Dade vice-detectives were working undercovers in the underworld at drugs and prostitution.

For more information about the Miami Vice series, read it here on Wikipedia.

Miami Vice font is an attractive font used to celebrate the creative sector with its flowing edges and serifs.

This font has been created to be authentic and to stand out from the mass.

It’s one of the fonts that you don’t need to pair with anything else as it has been created to stand alone.

However, if you must, this specific font wishes to be paired with something relatively simple.

To better understand how to use this font, let’s start from the beginning: what is a font?

In manual printing, the term “font” commonly refers to a full set of metal types to typeset an entire page.

In typesetting, the upper- and lowercase letters get their names from the metal type allocation.

Contrary to a digital typeface, a metal font would not incorporate a single meaning of each character.

Few of the metal-type characters are required in typesetting.

For instance, dashes, spaces, and line-height spacers were not part of a distinct font but were generally used with any font.

The line space is still called “leading”

For example, the strips used for line spacing are made up of lead. 

The reason for it was simply because lead was a softer metal compared to the traditional one.

What About The Weight Of A Font?

First of all, a typeface can come in fonts of multiple weights.

It starts from light to bold and black.

Then, five to six weights are not unseen,

Finally, some typefaces can have a dozen or even more. 

For the web and non-professional use, some of the typefaces for office come with a normal and a bold weight that shows an association for both. 

If there is no bold weight supplied, countless browsers, word processors, graphics, and DTP programs will hold up a bolder font by outlining a second offset or marking it slightly at a diagonal angle.

The weight of the font differs amid typefaces.

This means that one font can appear bolder than another.

For example, fonts to be used in posters are often bold by default.

On the contrary, fonts for long text are preferred to be light. 

The designation of weight in font names may differ regarding the true pure marked weight or density of the font’s glyphs.

Numerous attempts were made to contrive a range of weights.

This opens on to a numerical classification first used by Adrian Frutiger in the “Univers typeface”.

Some examples of bold and regular versions of ordinary fonts are: 

  • Helvetica with a unique line design and all its marks increased in weight and bold.
  • Optima or Utopia – monoline fonts that can be increasing with their weight and boldness.

We need to think that sometimes, the importance of the message we are trying to send, and inevitably the typeface with it must be bold.

When we write our message or blog, or text, we are trying to send a message to another person.

That’s when we choose our words carefully (or not).

With the same logic, we need to choose our font.

Are We Focussing On The Message Or The Messenger?

Imagine having to write an invitation for an event.

Is it a fun event or a serious one?

Should we use a childish font or a more business-like one?

If we take a slogan in our head, we should have an image that will show us how it should appear. 

Instead of using an image, we prefer to use a font to interpret the words on the paper visually.

In this way, we make them readable, transmitting the feelings they are intended to.

For instance, think of a simple script font that can look amazing on a fancy invitation.

When used on a children’s menu, it will not only look out of the context, but it may not be easily readable if full of text.

The right way to get across the tone of the words may need something bold and chunky, maybe sharp edges or a solid block color.

We look at a font on a piece and have a perception of it.

Therefore if the font is right, it will make the work seem more executive and help get the reader’s faith.

A great font can help even when the text’s subject cannot be that appealing to read.

It can show the reader that there is something worth their time.

I know there are fonts we can use as our fail-safe options when it seems that nothing else may work or we haven’t got time to look for something a tiny bit different.

These kinds of fonts usually carry many weights or styles.

For example, we got Helvetica and Frutiger.

These fonts are both pretty basic Sans serif fonts, but they’ve been with us for decades, and they will go nowhere!

Why Is The Font So Important For The Success Of Your Text?

First, there are different types of fonts that are divided by categories.

What are they, and, most importantly, how can you use them in your text?

  • Serif: These fonts look like they have hands and feet of their own; these types of fonts are more old-fashioned and are usually used in books for their readability when printed in small size
  • Sans Serif:  These don’t have feet, and they typically look more modern and linear; they were considered unique and fancy, they are suitable in large headlines and publicity logos.
  • Script: the so-called handwriting fonts can be very fancy with excessive twists, usually used on wedding invitations or fancy invitations of this sort.
  • Display/Decorative: these fonts catch your attention and are characterized by bags of charisma; very useful for headings but can lose effectiveness if overused. 

When facing an insurmountable wall of fonts to choose from, from where do you start?

Why does it matter anyway?

Is it so important to choose between millions, if not more, of fonts for your blog, presentation, advert, or whatsoever you are writing?

Indeed it is.

The right font will make your piece jump up to the reader’s eye, showing its personality, while a bad one will stay broken in the shadow. 

What exactly is a typeface, and what are the different ones you can use in your piece? 

When generated with the right method, a typeface will deliver the perfect emotions to the reader.

Furthermore, it sets the tone to bring the words to life while mirroring its intended industry.  

When And Where Can You Get The Miami Vibe?

Together with these categories, there are a lot of things you should think about when choosing a font.

Such as, does it have everything you need? 

The first work you do may be outstanding with the use of just letters of the alphabet.

However, what if your next creation has to be a menu? 

Does the font you are currently using have symbols, or it’s limited to letters?

We all have had that moment where we wanted to add in a price, and there isn’t the right symbol to use.

That is why we get so frustrated to have to create our own or steal something slightly similar font family!

Remember to note the following: for instance, does the font give a variety of styles, and or is it just light, regular, and bold? 

This may be enough for what you are writing at this specific moment.

On the contrary, you need to think in the long run, and it may be too limited for it, as various font-weight can massively help you get your message out there to the world.

Take note, though, you should not use more than three different typefaces in a piece of work, or you could get your reader confused.

These fonts should complement each other as if one is overpowering the other.

Furthermore, we should always need to think about the final stage: the printing.

When we choose a font, we need to keep in mind how it will appear once we print it: color, size, and readability.

A script font can be exquisite and decorative but not always functional and what we need here is for the reader to read out work.

If you want more info on finding the Miami Vice font, you can check out Pinterest.

The Use Of Our Font Can Be Messy If You Don’t Know How To Use It

The most important reason to choose the right font can be to make it more noticeable if you think about the logo design.

Logos presents the graphical presentation of a firm and is a key asset in its brand.

With the conjunction of styling, fonts, and colors used, you will reflect what the business sells, who wants to sell, and their studied appearance.

Companies that use a round and colorful brand logo design will want to express trust and empathy.

However, the ones that use angular logos with sharp edges promote modernity and edge cutting in their company. 

On the opposite side, we have companies that use a solid black color and an easy sans serif typeface.

Hence, they want to reflect a brand that is being unique and stylish and may even be the market leaders in their sector.

Still, if we consider the other brand identities that only use a simple typeface, they are just as quickly recognizable as the image. 

Most of the time, the most simple and uncomplicated logos work very well together with the typeface. 

This also usually shows how successful a firm is, as almost as when a customer had a positive association with a firm itself.

The shape, color, and typeface make them immediately recognizable to the customer who doesn’t doubt.

With this in mind, the business will gain more credibility and value in the customer’s eyes.

A good font has a huge significance in reflecting the tone and the image of the business or its script.

The text may be lame and too complicated for the reader.

Even if you put all the hard work in the world, it will never be recognized and can reflect the wrong idea.

Therefore, your success will depend on the right font and logo.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Miami Vice font is a great font that will kick the right ankle if used properly.

Crazy and fancy fonts, as said, should be used to shock and jump to the eye of the reader to give that shake needed to catch their attention.

We are not required to use numerous fonts.

Neither should we improperly use a typeface without knowing how why we are using it.

The perception of how it may change our script for the better or the worst is what will make the difference between a masterpiece and a junk one.

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