Easiest Ways To Insert Tick Marks (✔) in Various Content

Easiest Ways To Insert Tick Marks (✔) in Various Content

Have you ever struggled in finding the option on what font has a tick?

Perhaps, you have searched high and low on how to insert a tick (check mark) in your Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel? 

Or you might be using these tools for years, but then every time you need to put a tick, you still click Insert in the menu bar and look for the symbol option to insert tick.

Did you know that there is a much convenient way for you to insert a tick without going through all these struggles?

Here’s a shocker:

You can insert tick both in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel documents in just one-click.

Yes, you read it right!

Your keyboard keys can give you the ease of inserting a tick without going through the hassle.

Find out what font has a tick and what other ways to embed a tick in your content.

Why Should I Use This Method?

Here are some ways to insert a tick in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

One of the most convenient ways is to use a certain font that will allow you to insert the tick.

However, you’ll not only get to insert a tick but a whole bunch of symbols that you might find useful.

Most of these symbols cannot be usually found in both Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel and the keyboard keys.

Hence, using these fonts will allow you to insert these symbols easily.

If you think that fonts are only used for art or emphasize formality in your document, then you’re wrong.

Fonts are not limited to these purposes but for a lot of other purposes.

Have you ever heard of Dingbat fonts?

If you answered yes, then you’re an internet explorer expert for fonts.

And if you said no, don’t worry, that’s why you’re reading this article because you’re also exploring the internet.

You might be curious about how to make things more convenient for you.

Especially if you’re always using Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel in your daily life – professional and personal.

Then, you’re in the right place.

Here, you’ll discover what font has a tick and how to insert a tick in your document.

It’s not a long process and definitely, not a difficult one.

Let’s say you need to install an add-on to increase convenience.

You don’t even need to search for that symbol option and scroll up or down and use some complicated steps to insert a tick. 

This method of using a certain font is one of the most effective ways to insert a tick.

Of course, another convenient option is to copy and paste.

Inserting a Tick Mark in Microsoft Word

Check if your fonts in Microsoft Word have either Windings 2 or Webdings.

If there is, then you save yourself some time.

If there’s none yet, then let me walk you through the process.

Let’s take a look at the lists of fonts.


It is a typeface variation of TrueType Dingbat.

It offers various symbols that you can insert into your file and can access through your keyboard.

The first step is to download Webdings which you can get for free.

Download the file, extract and save the extracted file to your designated folder (i.e., Downloads, Desktop, Documents, etc.).

Then, Open the folder and click on the “Open Type” file- this is the file with the font preview. 

Next, once you opened the file, click install.

This is just the arduous part.

Thirdly, open your Microsoft Word and type Webdings in the font search bar.

And lastly, once you changed the font to Webdings, press A.


You can already insert a tick in your file in the most convenient way possible.

Windings 2

This font is a series of Dingbat font.

Moreover, it offers various symbols, and just like Webdings, each symbol has a corresponding key on the keyboard.

You can download it free at

If you don’t have this font available in your Microsoft Word yet, we’ll go through the same process.

Next, extract the zip file, open the folder, click the “Open Type” file, and install it.

Lastly, go to Microsoft Word and type Windings 2 in the font bar, then press SHIFT+P on your keyboard.

There you go!

Can I Also Insert Tick The Same Way In Microsoft Excel?

Absolutely yes!

Once you already have Wingdings 2 and Webdings downloaded in your computer system, it would be easy to do the same thing of inserting the tick in Microsoft Excel.

You’ll go through the same process.

However, there would be some twist.

First, you need to highlight the rows or columns where you need to put the tick.

This is to avoid the font from automatically formatting.

Once you’re done highlighting your target rows and columns, change the font to the font of your choice (either Webdings or Windings 2).

You’re set.

If you choose Webdings, you’ll have to use the same key ‘A’ to insert the tick.

It’s hassle-free, easier, and the most convenient way.

Just a heads-up, though.

The tick under Webdings is a heavy tick, contrary to Wingdings 2, which is a light tick.

If you choose Wingdings 2 just to keep yourself wanting to press two keys at a time, it’s a pretty good choice also.

Highlight the rows and columns again where you’d like to insert the tick.

Then, change the font to Wingdings 2, press SHIFT+A and you already have a tick in your document.

Either of the two will allow you to insert as many ticks as you want in your document.

If you want to go the easy way, use this method to choose which one works best for you.

Go and try it out to your upcoming tasks, and you’ll find how convenient and effortless it would be to insert a tick to your document.

This method is not time-consuming at all, unlike the other ones.

Thus, this is the most used method of inserting a tic into a document or spreadsheet.

How About In Google Docs And Google Sheets?

Google Docs and Google Sheets are becoming the most frequently used tools for online businesses and school-related activities.

However, using this option is not viable as it only works for Microsoft documents.

However, I’ll try to walk you through these options that will help you as well.

Google Docs 

Google Docs is a commonly used word processor online where anyone can create, revise, and share documents online.

Users can share the content and edit with multiple users at the same time. 

The process of inserting a tick in Google Docs is a whole different one.

Webdings and Wingdings 2 cannot be installed in Google Docs.

It cannot be attached as an add-on as well.

Thus, the best way is to follow this step to insert a tick in your Google Docs.

Here are the steps:

  • First, go to Insert.
  • Then, scroll down to Special Characters and click it.
  • Once a pop-up window comes out, type on the search bar “check mark”, and you will see different ticks to choose from.

Google Sheets

Google Sheets allows users to create spreadsheets where you can also share and collaborate with other users to access your file.

In contrast to Microsoft Excel, where they can’t access the file unless you send it to them.

To insert a tick in Google Sheets, you can use =CHAR added with a certain Unicode.

A Unicode is a series of numbers that corresponds to a certain symbol.

All you need to do is type in any cells the formula to insert your choice’s tick.

Do take note of the pattern as follows (Result – Formula):

✓    =CHAR(10003)

✔   =CHAR(10004)

🗹   =CHAR(128505)

☑   =CHAR(9745)

🗸   =CHAR(128504)

You may also copy and paste the tick from one cell to another.

If you wish to insert a tick to multiple cells, then you can do as follows:

  • Just copy a tick
  • Highlight the cells where you would like to put the tick
  • Paste it

How About Inserting A Tick In HTML?

We cannot use an image to insert a tick into HTML.

So, allow me to walk you through the process.

You might wonder that inserting a tick or check mark is not that hard at all.

In fact, you just place a command to get a tick on your web page.

However, there are a variety of ticks that you might need to use in HTML.

To insert a tick in an HTML file, you need to follow an HTML code.

First, you need to encode or type the code into the HTML script.

Then, place it in the part where you would like the tick to appear.

It’s the same as inserting the HTML colors and symbols code.

The table below will guide you with the tick codes that you can use for HTML scripting.

Consecutively, take note of the pattern ( the symbol – type/name – code):

𐄂 – Aegean Check Mark – &#x10102

✔ – Heavy Check Mark  – &#x2714

🗸 – Light Check Mark – &#x1F5F8

⍻ – Not Check Mark – &#x237B

🗹 – Ballot Box with Bold Check  – &#x1F5F9

☑ – Ballot Box with Check – &#x2611

✅ – White Heavy Check Mark – &#x2705

The table above presents different types of ticks, each with a corresponding code and an equivalent symbol.

You can choose any tick depending on your scripting need to display on your web page.

Your keyboard alone does not contain all the symbols you might need.

Thus, it is always important to learn how to use codes and shortcuts to insert a certain symbol.

It’s the reason why you need to follow a set of HTML codes just to insert a symbol that you can’t merely type in.

You can visit Bitdegree for further readings about HTML codes and symbols.

Why Tick Is An Important Symbol?

Tick (or most commonly known as a check mark in the US and checkmark in the Philippines) is one of the most commonly used symbols.

It is also considered a special symbol.

Usually, teachers use it when checking students’ papers to indicate that their answer is correct.

However, in Japan, Korea, and Finland, it will signify that their answer is wrong.

Therefore, nothing is absolute, but most countries use tick as a symbol of affirmation or accomplishment.

Tick is even widely used in auditing, especially in an invoice that could agree to a supporting invoice.

Companies also use tick in their food packaging to signify a verified product or be certified to contain specific nutrients.

Other companies use it to relay that their product is BPA-free.

We can also see some products with a heart and a tick in their packaging.

That is to convey that the food is good for the heart and has low amounts of saturated fat or cholesterol.

There are other instances where a tick mark is significant, especially in conveying information about the product.

Tick is widely used in programming as well and app development.

Have you seen a tick indicated under a message sent to you?

That is to verify that you already viewed the message.

Other messaging apps like WhatsApp use double-ticks to relay that the message was already seen.

However, a single tick would mean the message was delivered.

That’s why it’s easy to know if someone already read your message or not.

Have you also seen an official page of an artist, singer, business tycoon, or an institution with a blue tick beside their names?

It means that it is their verified official account.

It’s important to set their official account from the fake ones.

What’s the Best Option in Inserting the Tick?

There is no best option.

Finding the best way that is most convenient and easy for you.

So, if copy-paste works best for you, then go ahead.

However, it’s always practical to learn about other options.

Again, learning never ends, and it’s always free.

There are several resources and websites where you can learn about new technological skills and gain additional knowledge.

Even some universities offer free courses online on the basics of technology.

These courses offer how to navigate a tool and use its features.

So whatever method you learned and found efficient in your professional and personal life, apply it.

But never limit yourself to what you just knew about, explore and discover.

In this article, this information can help you in many ways, today or in the future.

If you’re a virtual assistant working on projects, this article can help you in your daily projects, especially if you’re using spreadsheets and word to encode data.

Whether you’re a beginner or learning web development, this could input some additional information that you can use in HTML scripting.

If you’re a teacher, then tick is always your special symbol, although you might also use the x symbol.

In checking papers manually, tick plays a big role.

As classes are online, it could help a lot, especially if you need to check students’ papers electronically. 

It would offer some ease of checking their papers without a lot of hassle.

Furthermore, as to noting the students’ online attendance in Microsoft Excel and those who already submitted their outputs.

You can simply change your font to Webdings and press A to correct your student’s answer. 

It saves time and allows you to do other tasks, and you’re one step ahead with this knowledge.

And if you’re reading this article for personal use, great!

You are investing in self-growth.

You might be using tick to signify if you’re done with a task, or you already bought your needs that you are taking note of, either in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel or Google Docs.

Then, you just learned how to keep up with your notes efficiently with this information.

Final Thoughts 

In this era where technology is already involved in almost every aspect of personal and professional lives, learning simple information can add up to your knowledge of technology.

Inserting a tick may come easy for others.

But for some individuals, it is a struggle.

Thus, if you are reading this, never hesitate to share with others what you have learned.

The knowledge of knowing that a simple set of numbers or letters can create a new symbol.

Knowing what font has a tick will allow you to have an easier way to add tick symbols to your content.

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